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  1. Havingfun

    Trail run - questions

    trail running Hi, I love trail running and that's all I do. I used to be a road runner, but for me it is so boring in comparison to trail running. Everything everyone else said is so true. The only thing I have to add is that I'd try to find somewhere to practice just a little to get a feel...
  2. Havingfun

    A-Jock's Famous Track Workout for the Unrunner

    Thank you! Hi, I've been in the process of creating these types of resources for core, legs, upper etc, so you just saved me a ton of time. Thanks, Tracy
  3. Havingfun

    Our Yosemite Trip

    Great news! Heidi, I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy your trip. We did road trips out west for 5 summers straight when the kids were younger. It was amazing and a reminder if how beautiful this country really is. Tracy P.S. Not to in any way diminish the beauty of the east...
  4. Havingfun

    Three top fav cardio workouts

    fun workouts For me in addition to some of the others already mentioned; Step Blast Step Moves (It reminds me of the old days of Cathe:)) Tracy
  5. Havingfun

    should my puppy stay or go?

    I'd get rid of the dog and you should not feel bad about anything. Dogs like that take a certain type of situation to be kept and if it's not fitting in with your family and lifestyle why would you keep it? Dogs are supposed to be a positive addition to family life. CM has a whole yard full...
  6. Havingfun


    Insanity I was an Insanity sceptic, but finally broke down and got it a couple of months ago. I didn't realize what I was missing! I'm starting the second month of Insanity and I've also gotten great results. I did the first month as suggested and did one additional upper body and one...
  7. Havingfun

    addicted to salads

    salads Hi, I probably eat a big salad 6 out of 7 nights a week. I usually add some lean protein and I'm good to go. I've even gotten DH into the habit and he loves them now. My favorite combination is avocado, raisins, red onion, gorganzola (or any kind really), and chopped egg on a bed of...
  8. Havingfun

    lumbar disc pain - OUCH!

    lumbar disc problems Hi, I had 2 lumbar disc problems 2 years ago. I won't bore everyone with the details. If you want to know some of the ways I eased the pain, send me a pm. I was able to fix the seat of my car so that I wasn't in severe pain when I drove. Tracy
  9. Havingfun

    Any Oxygen subscribers out there?

    magazines Hi, Let's see, I gave up M&H because I just couldn't see how Samantha Harris was a model for fitness. I let my Oxygen subscription run out because I got sick of the ads, then renewed for a year just for mindless reading. If I believed everything that they say in On Fitness I'd have...
  10. Havingfun

    cutting back cardio

    two more cents Hi, Just another opinion. Years ago I did cardio everyday, but now I'm down to 3-4 days a week and the remainder of the days I lift weights. I usually do some sort of a split. Here are some things that I've learned over the years that helped my find what works for me. 1. I...
  11. Havingfun

    Just Completed Cardio Core Circuit!

    Cardio Core Hi, I was surprised last night when my dvds arrived by USPS. I promptly did Cardio Core today and I wasn't disappointed. It is very high impact, but could be modified to most fitness levels and the intensity could be increased if you choose not to take the short breaks. The core...
  12. Havingfun

    Stop teaching kids to write in cursive?

    Cursive Hi, I work in a large county in Northern Va and my sons both completed school there. Neither son easily reads nor writes cursive. In the middle school that I'm in, we are finding the same issue. Kids don't read and write cursive much anymore. I know that it is still taught in the...
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    Kathryn question

    Hi, I was just reading the thread related to the knee issues and you mentioned MSM. I purchased a joint supplement for my dog and it has MSM. It did seem to help, but then I got worried about using it because I can't seem to find much research about the long term use of it. We used DMSO on...
  14. Havingfun

    Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

    snow Hi, I'm in Northern VA and we have about 22" on our deck, not to mention the drifts. At least the sun is out today. What a mess though. I wish I had periodically gone out and dug my car out. I'm so jealous of the person who was out hiking. No trail running for me for a while either. Tracy
  15. Havingfun

    Please share blogs that you are addicted to! I'll start...

    food I like this one. It has some good ideas and a large archive of recipes. Tracy
  16. Havingfun

    Perception of business practices

    perceptions Hi, Let me start by saying that this is not meant to start anything negative and is purely my opinion. I just recently wondered why the forums were pretty much dead and then stumbled on the thread that you mentioned. I too have been put off by some of the business practices and...
  17. Havingfun

    Anyone in the Wash DC area?

    Monday eve Hi, I'll be around. I'm going camping today, but will be back Sunday evening. I'd love to put faces to names! Send me a PM if you are still interested. Tracy
  18. Havingfun

    Anyone in the Wash DC area?

    meeting Hi ladies, I'd like to meet. I live in Northern Va just over the river. I do work full time, but I maybe able to get away for a couple of hours. Tracy
  19. Havingfun

    Cathe, will I ever make it through STS?

    herniated discs Hi, I herniated 2 discs in my lower back 2 years ago. Although it was very painful and took some time to recover, I'm almost 100% now. I didn't have surgery, nor the steroid epidurals. Each case is different and it does get better, but I think in almost all cases it takes a...
  20. Havingfun

    how much do you/would you pay

    cost Hi, I'm going to pay 220 plus tip for highlights and a cut next week. The last time I went to a cheaper salon and although it looked OK, it wasn't that great. There was lots of gray still visible, plus someone at work goes there too and I swear our hair looked very similar in color. I...