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  1. exer_cited

    Sign Up for the Glassboro Road Trip Jan 31st Starting at 1pm

    Haven't been to a RT in 2 years. I hope I make it in!!! :eek:
  2. exer_cited

    Feel Fit Wear

    Chiming in here because I ordered the Pump It Sports Bra on Friday and received it yesterday. Super fast shipping but not too impressed with the top itself. Not very supportive. I feel like I have to wear a bra under it, which kind of stinks. Nice material though.
  3. exer_cited

    What state already received their DVD's

    Today in Massachusetts!! And I placed my order just a few days before they were ready to ship...:cool:
  4. exer_cited

    working out at home vs gym

    I think both have their place depending on what you want to get out of it. I recently joined my local gym for the spin classes. I've never been a morning exerciser but I've been getting up at 4:45am 3x/week to take spin and I am having a blast! The instructors are brutal (in a good way) and...
  5. exer_cited

    Spinning -- only source of cardio

    Hi Sarah. I've only been spinning at the gym since I don't have a spin bike at home. Cyclemax looks pretty awesome though. If I ever invest in a spin bike, I'll be buying it for sure!
  6. exer_cited

    Spinning -- only source of cardio

    I knew it was only a matter of time before you'd see this thread and chime in, Jenn!!! :D At this point, my fitness goal is fat-burning. I am content with my muscle mass, I just want to be able to see it!!! I don't think I've been spinning long enough to know how my body will respond so...
  7. exer_cited

    Spinning -- only source of cardio

    Thanks Fembot40. Very encouraging that you cycle 5x per week for such long periods of time. It's definetly motivating me right now so I'm going to go with it for as long as I can.
  8. exer_cited

    Spinning -- only source of cardio

    I thought the same thing RapidBreath. Thanks for your input!
  9. exer_cited

    Spinning -- only source of cardio

    Hi everyone. Does anyone use spinning as their only source of cardio? Within the past month or so I've really gotten into it. So much so that I can't get enough and I want to do it every day. Or at least 5x a week which would mean spinning on consecutive days. Any thoughts/suggestions are...
  10. exer_cited

    It's official--I've found the most complex step ever!

    OMG this looks like so much fun. I can't stop watching this clip. This guy is awesome! Thanks for sharing, Laura...:cool:
  11. exer_cited

    Weight Wachers

    Hi Rhonda. I just joined your Cathe group. I've lost 8.6 lbs since January 27th on WW and have been doing Cathe workouts for over 10 years. The past few weeks I've been struggling so thanks for getting this group started. I could use some motivation.
  12. exer_cited

    Remembering Sean O'Malley

    Thanks Deb!! Ever since meeting you at my first Cathe RT, I tear up every single time I do PP and Coach says your name. You will have that forever! What an incredible connection both Sean and Cathe have created with people. Just beautiful...
  13. exer_cited

    Remembering Sean O'Malley

    I love that pic of Sean and Leanne. I remember when Leanne posted that. I was both happy and envious that she got to not only meet him, but take his class. Thanks for posting, Cyn!!! Leanne, you will have that memory forever. I too feel so devastated by his passing. When I read about it on FB...
  14. exer_cited


    Thanks for the info, Karen! I'm curious as to what "scent" is being used for the ladies here that are having issues with it stripping your color. I have my hair color & highlighted every 7-8 weeks and have been using Wen since August. I've had no issues with it stripping my color and I'm...
  15. exer_cited

    Who else loves their Keurig?

    I LOVE my Keurig....:D I recently changed jobs and knew I was in the right place when on day 1 I walked into the kitchen to see an industrial size Keurig and a wall filled with about 25-30 different coffee & tea options!!!
  16. exer_cited

    Anyone working out today?

    I did CCV2 and today will be a circuit. Probably LIC.
  17. exer_cited

    clarisonic mia

    YAY!! I got one too, lulu68. I was very disappointed to find out it needed to charge for 24 hours (:() but I can use it today so I'm excited!!!
  18. exer_cited

    What are your Holiday workouts? If you have time.

    Great thread! This morning is Step Moves. This one is so much fun I find myself smiling from beginning to end. Tomorrow will be a Cardio Coach. Not sure which one yet. I usually decide on the fly and make a mish-mosh of different volumes.
  19. exer_cited

    WEN alert (a good deal)

    I could not resist...:D Also ordered another bottle of Six Thirteen while I was at it. It would have been silly to not take advantage of the reduced shipping, right?!?! :p
  20. exer_cited

    Wen update and vanilla mint review

    I hope I'm not crashing the original poster's thread, but I have a WEN update to share...:) My SIL is a stylist and has been doing my hair consistently for about 2 years now. I went for a cut and color yesterday and she asked me what shampoo/conditioner I'd been using because she said my hair...