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    I am the one that posted about my friend and facebook. It sounded like you really wanted to say...

    I am the one that posted about my friend and facebook. It sounded like you really wanted to say something about my post and just wondered if you still wanted to say something. You have me wondering!
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    My So Called Best Friend

    I have been friends with my “best friend” for about 20 years. We grew apart for about 10 of those years but have rekindled our friendship about two years ago. I never considered her my best friend until about a year ago. I told her she was my best friend and she said I was her best friend too...
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    Working out in pants??

    I always wear pants. I have some very cute bootcut pants that I love. I also wear running tights all year round. I wear them because 1) They have a "suck em up" quality that keeps the fat from jiggling (compression) 2) I can be more spontaneous and run on the treadmill when I want to and...
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    Running obstacle (AGAIN with the running!!)

    I am not trying to be mean but remember, this race is not about you. It is a fund raiser. No body cares about what you are doing. It is not like you are trying to win a gold metal for your country! Dont be so self involved. Just go out there, run, and enjoy the t-shirt.
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    Favorite Pre Workout Snack?

    One thing you should NOT eat is an entire can of peaches before working out!
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    Common Gym Myths Debunked!

    Here are my list of gym myths that are commonly thought of as true but certainly are not! 1) I look too bad to join/go to a gym. The truth is, everyone stares at the people that look the best! If you are unfit, people will admire you for going to the gym and doing something about it...
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    Looking for advice for my friend regarding her new bf

    OK, I am not going to mince words here. I am going to tell it like I see it. I think he is gay. I have never known any straight man to act like that. If a man has lots of women for friends, then my gaydar goes off!!
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    Mid Year Performance Review Shocker

    Thank you everyone for your perspectives on a perplexing situation! There was some very good insight and I appreciate your responses. After the review, I really was considering quitting. I thought perhaps they really didnt want me there since I was doing such a poor job. I was a little...
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    Mid Year Performance Review Shocker

    We have just taken a company wide employee survey regarding our happiness with our company. The results of the survey were that people felt they were in dead end jobs, were not happy with compensation and did not feel respected. Afterwards, I had my mid year review. During the review, my...
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    I Hate My Job!!!!!!!!

    Oh, I am with you girlfriend. I have had several horrible jobs. Here is how I dealt with it. Dont bust your butt trying to get all the work done. Just do what you can do. I used to rush through all my work to get it done and ended up making mistakes. Slow down and take your time because it...
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    Do you wear make up when working out?

    Yes, I wear makeup almost every time I work out. Usually I work out at night after I have been at work. I wear full hair and makeup to work so I still look that way at night. I wear a bandana to keep the sweat out of my eyes and remove my earrings if they dangle. On the weekends I wear...
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    Business Situation Question

    A very high ranking person came to visit our office. A little while after he got there he came to my desk to say hello. We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries (I have met him twice before). A little while later he came over and asked me to print something for him. Then we ended up talking...
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    Nasty Email From Boss Today

    I am having a bad week. This morning when I got to work, there was a nasty email from my boss. She was angry because a request by a customer was not acted on in a timely manner. She proceeded to berate me telling me how I should have prioritized my time, that this issue will be brought up...
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    My Family Secretly Hates Me

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your understanding regarding my post. I thought when I got home that my sisiter would have called to say she was sorry she missed me. But no phone call. I am not a bad sister/daughter. I do all I can for my family. It just hurts me so much...
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    My Family Secretly Hates Me

    My mother lives next door to my sister. My mother is 75 years old and my father died four year ago. I try to visit my mother at least once a month. She lives 45 minutes away and I work full time. So it is hard to go see her sometimes. My mother never invites me to come over. I always...
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    Running irritations--literally :)

    I use Monostat Anti Chafing Gel and it works great. However, I cannot hardly run in shorts. They ride up between my thighs and cause some awful chafing. The length of the shorts does not matter. I have tried longer shorts and shorter shorts. I prefer to run in running tights because they...
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    Movie theater etiquette

    I know this is off topic but I once sat beside a man in first class on an airplane. He ordered beer and proceeded to burp the entire flight. Each burp allowed me the opportunity to smell the contents of his stomach. I dont care for the smells that are generated from a crowd of people...
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    OMG i just quit my job

    I did the exact same thing you did. I also applied for unemployment and got it. However, I had to fight for it. The unemployment office will always side with the employee and it is up to the employer to prove you do not deserve it. I was out of work for one year and lived off of my savings...
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    real or fake tree?

    Fake tree for us. It is just me and my husband so I bought one of those small, optic fibre trees with a color wheel that changes colors. It is just the right size for us. I also take a large glass hurricane container and fill it full of ornaments. I also put out our stockings. The cat has a...
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    What Should I Wear?

    I am going to three parties this holiday and would like some ideas on what you would wear: 1) Friday night office party at my boss' house. Time is 7:00pm. Party will be casual. 2) Aerobic friends party at the instructor's house on Sunday at 6:00pm. Party will be casual. Most of these...