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  1. Silvercat

    Stretch Max 2

    Love the original and would like to have more variety.
  2. Silvercat

    Holy cow, Cathe!

    Do you realize I have legs tomorrow?!! I'm laughing, of course. After months of personal issues I am finally able to refocus and get back into the workouts I love...yours. I've restarted the 3 1/2 month STS program. I noticed that you added new cardio suggestions and incorporated the Shock...
  3. Silvercat

    What exactly is a Cathlete?

    And how do you become one? I am still listed as Member under my avatar. I also am now seeing DeCathlete. I've been away for a while due to personal issues, but am I that much out of the loop ?!!
  4. Silvercat

    Future Road Trip

    New Orleans, please!!
  5. Silvercat


    Are you doing just STS or are you also doing cardio on alternate days? Sorry, I just couldn't tell from reading your post if you were still doing any form of cardio. I have a hard time burning my calories on days when I do STS and no form of cardio. I follow Cathe's Cardio Rotation...
  6. Silvercat

    Problem with STS Ticker Signature

    Is anyone else having problems with theirs? Mine was working fine until yesterday. I know there was some maintenance going on in the forum sites yesterday so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. For some reason my ticker is not following my most recent STS rotation. When I go to...
  7. Silvercat

    Just a comment, not a question. Sorry.

    So this isn't a question, but just something I really wanted to say. While in your Open Discussion forum this morning I was reading a thread that had to do with a video put out by another fitness expert, who, of course, in all fairness I will not name. In the thread was a link to watch part of...
  8. Silvercat

    STS and additional cardio

    Is it okay to also do cardio on days we do STS? I'm currently following the Cardio Rotations for STS which is three days a week. However, on days that I'm doing just the STS workout I am not burning enough calories to reach my calorie burn for the day. I find if I don't do cardio I just don't...
  9. Silvercat

    Question about today's workout

    Thanks so much. I guess I have STS in my head too much and thought I was doing wrong by working legs twice!
  10. Silvercat

    Question about today's workout

    Hi everyone. I posted a similar question in the Ask Cathe section when this rotation first came out, but I never got a response. I'm hoping someone here is doing the October rotation and can give me an opinion. I know this is going to be an obvious-sounding question, but I have to ask. For...
  11. Silvercat

    Oct. rotation question

    This is my first time downloading and following a rotation. My question is in regards to week three. On Tuesday we do Meso 1, legs. On Friday we are to do 4DS Kickbox in its entirety. Does that mean we are to do legs with weights and core, too? I only ask because on Saturday we are...
  12. Silvercat

    Need your advice

    Are you doing only STS three times a week or are you also incorporating Cathe's recommended cardio rotation for STS? I would think if you're doing STS along with the recommended cardio the other three days that should be plenty, along with, of course, diet! Good luck to you, hope you win.
  13. Silvercat

    Suggestions for a workout shoe

    Can anyone please recommend a good workout shoe. I've read that regular tennis shoes really don't provide enough support for aerobics/cardio workouts. What should I be looking for? I know there are running, training and walking shoes, I just don't know what is best. Any thoughts are...
  14. Silvercat

    Is it too late to start 6 month rotation?

    My original intention was to start the 3 month rotation along with many of you when Cathe started. However, I started that Monday, on Tuesday I found out I needed surgery and by Friday I was in the hospital. Obviously I had to wait to start over, which is why I am so behind everyone. I am now...
  15. Silvercat

    What is a premix?

    I know they have to do with the workout DVD's, but are they an option on the DVD themselves? If I wanted to do premix #3 of a DVD, how do I find it? Sorry if this is such a silly question!
  16. Silvercat

    Opinions for STS cardio DVD selection

    Thanks so much for all of your opinions. Those of you who responded have given me some great suggestions. Thanks again for taking the time to do so. With that said, I plan on doing quite a few of your suggestions, starting off with viewing previews and considering spending more to get more...
  17. Silvercat

    Opinions for STS cardio DVD selection

    In reading Cathe's suggestions for cardio with STS I see there are plenty of DVD's to choose from. Obviously I cannot afford to buy them all, but I would like to have a few just to have variety. I would appreciate some suggestions from those of you who have any of these workouts to let me know...
  18. Silvercat

    Using tubing and bands

    Hi. I watched one of the video clips last night showing the tubing being used for the pullups and the bands wrapped at the ankles. My question is, where do find out how to correctly use the tubing and bands? Are there instructions somewhere that tell you how to hook the tubing to the...
  19. Silvercat

    STS 3 months versus 6 months

    Hi Cathe, I read in one of the posts that STS was originally to be done as a 6-month program instead of a 3-month program and I just want to make sure that is correct. I couldn't find the link for the entire discussion which is why I'm asking, so I apologize if this is a repeat question for...