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  1. KrisS

    Damaged Metablism

    seek out a RD HI, I didn't get your first name but I am a body builder going to school to become a registered dietitian and I've heard that happen to a lot of girls in my field. The best thing to do is get a thyroid test with your doctor and get a referral to a registered dietitian that...
  2. KrisS

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Hi I'm Kristin Name / Forum Name: Kristin Tallodi/KrisS Email Address / FB Address (not necessary - can pm for privacy) PM me on facebook @ Kristin Tallodi Previous Road Trips Glassboro July 2008, Eggland's Best NYC, Daytona 2010, Disney 2011, Glassboro 2012 Where your from and...
  3. KrisS

    Who's Who book

    I love the idea too!! I still look at mine too. I think Cyndy posted a getting to know you thread on this forum that looks like a great template for the book. Let me know if I can help too!! Someone should ask Cathe or Chris if this project is approved. Gosh Melissa don't you have enough to do...
  4. KrisS

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    #40 right here!! Hi Everyone!! I'm in at #40 and I am also from CT!! I had some shenannagans with the registration too and I very frantically called my bank and realized if I was charged then I got in. I had to go to the gym to burn off all of that adrenaline. LOL!!! Let's see this...
  5. KrisS

    Favorite Smoothie Recipes

    Hi!! This thread is great because I am always on the run and need new smoothie ideas. Here's one of my favorites: Pumpkin Pie 8oz of unsweetend almond milk + water for a runnier shake 1/4c canned pumpkin (I use Libby's or you can use sweet potato instead) 1/4c quick cooking oatmeal 1...
  6. KrisS

    favorite weight training

    Another idea @ Natalie I wonder if you can use the workout blender to blend GS with cardio somehow? I'm not sure how the workout blender works. Or you can tack on quickie 20-30 minutes of cardio at the end of your workout. Another idea if you have a treadmill or other piece of cardio...
  7. KrisS

    A Big Thank you Cathe, SNM, and 4 seasons

    Cathletes rock because you ROCK Cathe!!!
  8. KrisS

    favorite weight training

    I periodize my weight training This is a fun thread because I am an iron maiden at heart!! I like to periodize my weight training so my body doesn't get used to one style. For example now I am on a heavy split routine back/bi's chest/tri's, shoulders/core, legs heavy, and glutes/plyo's. Next...
  9. KrisS

    Thank you, Cathe & Staff

    Jean I couldn't have said it better myself. This was the best Glassboro Road Trip to date. Gosh now I have to wait till next year
  10. KrisS

    A Big Thank you Cathe, SNM, and 4 seasons

    Cathe, I just have to say thank you for one of the best weekends of my year. I had a ton of fun getting my butt kicked by you, meeting new Cathletes, and reconnecting with Cathletes I already met. I thought the roadtrip was very well run and your staff was nothing but polite all...
  11. KrisS

    30s, 30s, 30s

    OMG I cannot wait for this roadtrip!!! I need a vacation really bad!!!!!!!!!!! BTW my family and friends think I'm nuts that a vacation for me is to spend it in a gym exercising! LOL!!!!!!!!
  12. KrisS


    This was an awesome movie!! Is it really the prequel to the movie Aliens? The ending totally makes sense now.
  13. KrisS

    Dear Replicator....

    I'll second that Cathe LOL!!!
  14. KrisS

    Thank you, Cathe!!!

    You are so amazing Jenn. (both Jenns) and CAthe is an awesome trainer. She is my secret weapon when it comes to contest prep :)
  15. KrisS

    Countdown link...

    omg Jenn you're totally pumping me up!! I can't wait to see your smiling face :) and yours too Jenn D
  16. KrisS

    99 days!

    So excited!!! Thanks for starting the countdown Jenn!! I'm counting down the days and getting super excited :)
  17. KrisS

    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    HI I'm Kristin New Jersey Cathlete Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other: A Photo (attachment on this forum -so cool!) Name / Forum Name: Kristin Tallodi KrisS Email Address / FB Address (not necessary - can pm for privacy) you can find me on facebook Previous Road...
  18. KrisS

    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I got in #45 Woo Hoo I got in!! My heart was in my throat because the link did not work for me until 1:10 and I thought I missed it. I can't wait to see my veteran Catheletes and meet new ones. I have met some of my best friends from Cathe's roadtrips. Kristin
  19. KrisS

    Thanks for coming Cathletes

    Hi Debbie, I am planning on coming to the Glassboro road trip if CAthe has one next year. Hopefully I'll meet you there. Kristin T
  20. KrisS

    Thanks for coming Cathletes

    Cathe, I had a total blast!! Thanks for kicking my butt twice! Kristin