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  1. Tess_ATL

    Who is registered?

    I'm in! Haven't been since 2007!! Now I just need to do some cathe workouts :)
  2. Tess_ATL

    Finished the Hunger Games Trilogy- now what?

    I was thinking about the Divergent series myself. The synopsis sounded very interesting!
  3. Tess_ATL

    Where to get cheap, but good dumbells?

    The last set I bough was from Sports Authority with a 25% off coupon. It got them down to a price below what I could have gotten them for at Play it Again. I just google searched "printable sports authority coupon"
  4. Tess_ATL

    VERY strange dating question

    I have a strong suspicion that my ex husband is gay. There were a lot of red flags that I ignored. Our marriage was miserable and I attribute that a lot to his denial. After we divorced, more than one friend asked me if I ever considered that he might be gay. All I can say is listen to your...
  5. Tess_ATL

    Please share blogs that you are addicted to! I'll start...

    OMG Can't stop looking at - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH
  6. Tess_ATL

    Halloween Costumes for Cathe--Happy Halloween!

    Awesome Jodi - each year I wonder how you are going to top the year before, but then you always do! These are great. The bunny costume is still my favorite though. :)
  7. Tess_ATL

    Do you think this is rude...

    So proud of you for speaking up!!
  8. Tess_ATL

    Liann! Congratulations!

  9. Tess_ATL

    Please vote for us!

    Thanks everyone! :)
  10. Tess_ATL

    Please vote for us!

    One of my company's apartment projects is competing for the "Downtown Design Excellence Award" in Atlanta Magazine. If you have a minute, could you please click this link and give us 10 stars? The project is Alexan 360. Thanks!!
  11. Tess_ATL

    Mackenzie Phillips

    Yes this is sick and twisted. Yes she probably has a book to sell, but am I the only one who hopes her revealing something this horrible, painful and shameful will offer some redemption and healing for her? I cannot imagine how life could get so upside down with drugs and alcohol that you end...
  12. Tess_ATL

    Want to help, but I don't know how

    As painful as it is to see someone going through this - he has made a HUGE first step by admitting he has a problem. I think that alone says a lot about him. He will get a lot of love and encouragement in AA. All you can really do is just offer your support and respect his wishes.
  13. Tess_ATL


    Happy Birthday and many more!
  14. Tess_ATL

    Happy Birthday Gin!!

    Hope you have a special day! You deserve it. :)
  15. Tess_ATL

    What songs have you made up for your pet?

    Beavs - I LOVE THAT!!
  16. Tess_ATL

    What songs have you made up for your pet?

    This post reminds me of a youtube clip I just love - check this out My ex husband used to make up songs for our pets all the time. Some of them were very cute and nonsense. Pets are so much fun!
  17. Tess_ATL

    This is ME after EVERY CATHE WORKOUT!

    I am one of those that looks fresh as a daisy after a workout....I just don't sweat that much.
  18. Tess_ATL

    Parting Shots from RT

    Thanks for posting! Looks like you guys had a great time. I love the tshirts this year!!
  19. Tess_ATL

    What's for Dinner Tonight?

    Leftover spaghetti with meat sauce. Yum!!
  20. Tess_ATL


    Congrats AJock!!!