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  1. endorphin_junkie

    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    Cathe's site was my introduction to posting on line but I always felt like a bit of an outsider (same as the rest of my life but that's another story :). I've learned a ton here and was encouraged to run by the Cheetah group, they were my comfort zone and I still communicate with many of my...
  2. endorphin_junkie

    How I spent my 41st birthday

    Awesome job Morningstar and Happy belated Birthday!! I loved my 41st b-day. I was finishing up my massage therapy diploma and preparing for the Provincial board exams to be registered in Ontario. I was surrounded by positivity and possibility, an exciting time of uncertainty, planning and...
  3. endorphin_junkie

    Cathe for Canadian's (& international's)

    Hello and welcome! I live in Kingston, Ontario. I found Cathe a dozen or so years ago by searching something like 'advanced home workouts' and ended up at VF then to CKSales. It was such an awesome revelation to pop in those first workouts and to find like minded people here. I had been...
  4. endorphin_junkie

    Anyone in Canada still waiting?

    I got mine today....YAY! I had to pay $13.56 import tax....BOO! I'm spending my Friday night previewing and doing laundry and I'm all good with that! I've previewed AfterBurn and I'll give Low Impact Challenge a go before work tomorrow. Take care Laurie
  5. endorphin_junkie

    Any Canadians get their dvds yet?

    Waiting, kinda, patiently in Kingston, Ontario. I was disappointed that they didn't arrive this week but it gives me a reason to look forward to Monday! : )
  6. endorphin_junkie

    What Cathe Workout would you do?

    Yes it has 'Buttercup' on the last step segment. Good thing/bad thing depending on your taste in music. I'm pretty 'meh' on that song but I love the choreography. Take Care Laurie
  7. endorphin_junkie

    What Cathe Workout would you do?

    Hey JT : ) I'd be inclined to reach for good old 'Cardio and Weights'. It's moderate in intensity but gets it all in. I'll always be a step lover so, for me, it has that fun factor to get me back in the game! Good for you for getting back to it! Take Care Laurie
  8. endorphin_junkie

    Go, Carole (Mckmain)...Marathon #15 today!!!

    GO CAROLE!! You never cease to amaze me! Take Care Laurie
  9. endorphin_junkie

    Patiently Canadian...

    Reading this thread made me go check my mail and WOO HOO!!! I'm in Kingston, smack dab between Toronto and Montreal and had no duty to pay. I'm so excited!! For a million and one excuses I haven't worked out since early November, I'm gonna step my little heart out tomorrow and I can't wait...
  10. endorphin_junkie

    canadians shock cardio?

    I'm waiting patiently in Kingston Ontario. I'm not in too much of a rush though, I've slagged off on workouts since early November so a Shock Cardio kick in the pants is just what I'll need come January 4th when this lovely break is over. I am a wee bit skeered but really looking forward to...
  11. endorphin_junkie

    My husband is the best husband amongst all husbands!

    OMG Elaine!!! I LOVE THAT STORY!!! :-) I'm smiling from ear to ear and am so glad to hear you're back to running! Happy belated 50th Cheetah friend! (Once a Cheetah always a Cheetah!!! :-) All the best! That was a total Cathe forum flashback Elaine! Love it! :-) Take Care Laurie
  12. endorphin_junkie

    back to basics

    You are in good company Heartymax :-) I am just getting back to my routine after surgery in April. I find it humbling to be quite challenged by workouts that used to be easy, my cardio capacity is coming along nicely, strength is...hmm...getting there slowly, it's my flexibility that took the...
  13. endorphin_junkie

    Facebook Question

    I too have been creeped out by friend suggestions lately. It took me a few strange suggestions to put it together. I was on the dating site 'Lavalife' for a while but deleted my profile over a year ago. All of a sudden I am getting friend suggestions that are from men who had e-mailed me or...
  14. endorphin_junkie

    My second competitive walk!

    Great job Kathryn! I really enjoyed reading your race report, had to stop myself from skipping to the end...Your holiday weekend is off to a terrific start! Enjoy! Take Care Laurie
  15. endorphin_junkie


    All the best to you on this monumentous occasion :-) You have inspired me in so many ways over the years. Glad you are celebrating with friends and family. Here's to the next 50!!! *Clink* :-) Take Care Laurie
  16. endorphin_junkie

    Another STS in Canada

    I just got home for lunch, the notice from Canada Post was in my mailbox. I'm champing at the bit to go get it but I'll have to wait until I'm done work, guess I'd best be starting my 1 rep max soon. I keep meaning to do something about my habitual procrastination but alas.... :-) Can't wait...
  17. endorphin_junkie

    What's your order number????

    I ordered on March 7/08 and my order # is 19473. I'm in Canada and this is my first direct ship from SNM since the closing of CK Sales. I'm excited but will be patient, it'll get here when it gets here :-) Guess I should start thinking about 1 rep max soon-ish ;-) Take Care Laurie
  18. endorphin_junkie

    What does your vanity tag say, and why?

    Thanks Shelley, I was thinking that comment should be addressed but knew someone could do it much better than I and you did. Happy shovelling :-) Take Care Laurie
  19. endorphin_junkie

    What does your vanity tag say, and why?

    I think 'vanity tags', (around here we call them personalized plates, didn't know I was being vain ;-) are a cool thing. I know that some are too cryptic or personal to be decoded but it's fun to try. I love my last name (Pickles) and there are 4 of us in the family so my plate says 4PIKLS...