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  1. pinkquinn

    Meso3 - What method did you choose? Squat Rack or STS Plyos

    Thanks, Nathalie. That is true. I will give it a try in 2 weeks. Hope I'm not wiped out!:eek:
  2. pinkquinn

    Meso3 - What method did you choose? Squat Rack or STS Plyos

    So for example you would do plyo on Monday and squat rack Friday? That sounds brutal. I do train my legs differently twice a week, but what is your recovery like doing these two very demanding workouts a week?
  3. pinkquinn

    Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis/ Design Series

    will do! Just got my shipment notification in the mail. I am due the 7th..... I def need to "slenderize" lower body and get my abs back to normal, which many people credit her with. I find this very challenging, so we will see if she delivers as quickly as she claims. I do like a more...
  4. pinkquinn

    Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis/ Design Series

    Thanks Kariev I am taking every last one of your good vibes:D
  5. pinkquinn

    Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis/ Design Series

    Forgot to mention I am due next week, so prayers and good vibes would be appreciated.
  6. pinkquinn

    Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis/ Design Series

    Okey Dokey, just ordered my meta hipcentric, although I think I am a mixture of ab, and glute too. The last thing to gain on me is my upper body. I gain the most on my hips and thighs, so I went with hipcentric. I also went so far as to sign up for continuity.:eek: I am doing this as my...
  7. pinkquinn

    personal trainer vrs STS system

    I did get a trainer after STS. Pros and cons: she pushed me really hard, and I got results, and she was someone to check in with concerning diet. Its easier to lift heavier in the gym. BUT once I got the diet down, I was able to maintain my results with cathe. I also didn't like the body the...
  8. pinkquinn

    Can a woman fake having a "soft side?"

    Could you be honest and tell him you are trying to be more open and that it may take time?I know I have panic attacks when I am in a vulnerable situation in relationships, but in my marriage the most head way I have made is opening to my husband. If you think this guy can be trusted maybe you...
  9. pinkquinn

    full body workouts and legs

    I'm doing sts and if I don't add a leg day, my lower body gets fluffy. My legs look best during meso 1 with added leg day or meso 3 added leg day.
  10. pinkquinn

    Any dancers?

    I was a dancer, and I know many dancer's that weight trained. You MUST stretch! ALOT. But that goes for anybody who wants a well rounded fitness routine, IMO
  11. pinkquinn

    Help... 19 mos old wont take her meds!!!!

    yeah, been there. I tried everything, doing it while she was sleeping (worked once or twice) injecting it in candy and fondu! I bribed her with anything I thought would work. Finally, I restrained her and after she spit it out I put it right back in her mouth and held her nose and held her...
  12. pinkquinn

    Recomended over the counter face exfoliator

    Skin solutions on amazon has great peels for cheap. Start with lactic. Peter Thomas Roth has great spendy product. A microdermabrasion cloth from spacloth is cheap and does a great job for manual exfoliation. You can find retin a without the brand name on line now for cheap. Make sure you...
  13. pinkquinn

    Cathe fans with Tracy Anderson Meta experience

    Linda, Thanks. Wow! You seem to have gotten great results from meta. You have addressed and affirmed why I am going to use this as my post preg rotation. I bought the post preg workout by TA, but have not done it and then doing further research I found meta. I like that you will work for...
  14. pinkquinn

    Cathe fans with Tracy Anderson Meta experience

    Thanks Phyllis. That is the type of feedback I was looking for. I am also an sts grad and am currently doing the 6 mo rotation. What I have noticed for me, is that post baby and while nursing heavy weights drain me and require extra rest I don't have time for. Like an extra nap..ha! I liked...
  15. pinkquinn

    Cathe fans with Tracy Anderson Meta experience

    For starters: I don't know how to get the angry face off my title, and I don't know how it got there I'm looking for any Cathe fans that can give me feed back on Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis. I understand that she does not cue and might annoy me to death, but beyond all that is there...
  16. pinkquinn

    Just Checking In...

    Liann, I had two miscarriages back to back. One was a set of twins, I lost one baby, then another. Then I got pregnant again and lost that one too:( I am now, however, pregnant with my 4th. Baby dust to you.
  17. pinkquinn

    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    I have nightmares that I cant find my kids and I aaaaaallllways know where there are. One time they hid on me in the house and I was screaming at neighbors to see if they had seen them, and when I lost them is the grocery store.....please.... I had no shame. I was screaming their names and...
  18. pinkquinn

    Thyroid...Aging...Weight Gain...Wah!

    atta girl! That's why I frequent these stay motivated in a life style that benefits me and my loved ones. Cleaning up my diet was the best present I could have given myself. I even get myself really healthy treats as a reward for myself, like kombucha or seaweed salad.:p
  19. pinkquinn

    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    I have a hard time believing that a mother who parties the night away while her daughter is dead is NOT guilty. She seems completely self absorbed and I believe she felt entitled to her "freedom". I feel like there was plenty of motive considering personality disorder, and plenty of...