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  1. kathydaffy

    Feb 9, 2023

    Love it!! I'm so glad that Cathe is focusing on everyone no matter what the age... fitness matters no matter where we are in life!
  2. kathydaffy

    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Is All About Heavy Weights

    Kristin is so cute - she's always smiling in Cathe Live workouts! So glad to see her in this new series! :)
  3. kathydaffy

    About My New Workout Series

    OMG - thank you so much for this!!! Your strength training workouts are the BEST and now that I'm getting older I know I need to continue to do them... this is great!! I wish I could fast forward and have the new DVDs tomorrow but I'm utterly thrilled that the new series will be focused on...
  4. kathydaffy

    New Series??

    Me too!!! I LOVE strength training and will be the first in line to pre-order! Thank you Cathe for everything you do!!
  5. kathydaffy

    Cathe's Perfect Flow Workout Times

    Thank you so much - it means a lot! You have been such an inspiration... :)
  6. kathydaffy

    Cathe's Perfect Pump Upper Body Workout

    This looks awesome!!! Thank you Cathe! :)
  7. kathydaffy

    Cathe's Perfect Flow Mobility Basics Workout

    Oooh - can't wait for this one!!! I've been trying to incorporate more stretching (not very successful, though) and this looks fantastic! I've never done mobility training before so thank you Cathe inadvance! :D
  8. kathydaffy

    Dvd that gave you the most noticable results

    I don't think you can go wrong if you do Cathe's Gym Styles or Slow and Heavy series along with the strength workouts in both XTrain and Ripped with HiiT. Pyramid Upper and Lower Body are great too, as is Strong and Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body. All of her strength DVDs are fantastic... good...
  9. kathydaffy

    Cathe's Perfect Flow Workout Times

    Can't wait for this series! Thank you so much Cathe for doing what you do... you helped me lose over 20 pounds after I lost all of my family very suddenly and I will never forget how you motivated me to keep moving when I wanted to crawl into a corner and cry.
  10. kathydaffy

    Who wants step tutorials?

    Thank you, Cathe, for doing this!!! :)
  11. kathydaffy

    Who wants step tutorials?

    That would be fantastic!! I have two left feet and even "intermediate" step work is challenging for me - I can handle the BASIC basics but over steps and over, mambo cha-cha's, etc... well, I easily get frustrated. I feel like I'm missing out on so many workouts because I avoid steps...
  12. kathydaffy

    Cathe New Series Perfect 30 workouts?

    I agree with all the posters above...I was hoping Cathe would put out another strength series or something yoga-based so this is perfect (no pun intended - Perfect30). I also loved the "all in upper body" workout and agree that a lower body routine along the same lines would be great! I guess...
  13. kathydaffy

    These new workouts are so much fun!

    I confess that I'm not a step fan (two left feet is an understatement!) but I LOVED PHA 3 and the bonus abs! I think this PHA is my favorite - I liked LITE PHA 2 but was not a fan of Strong and Sweaty PHA because of the repetition. This one is a winner! I'm hoping that I eventually will be...
  14. kathydaffy

    Thank you, Cathe.

    Wow - congratulations!!!! Cathe is so inspirational to us all and I hope I'm at where YOU are at when I am your age! I know that Cathe helped me lose 20 pounds after losing my entire family so I, like you, are grateful for her for helping us through the difficulties in life! :)
  15. kathydaffy

    Bundle Mania - Should I get ICE?

    Tough question (as everyone else has noted)! LITE to me is very intermediate and while some of the ICE workouts felt moderate too there were a few that were tougher - Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox, Total Body Metabolic Training and Low Impact Sweat. Those to me were harder than some of the more...
  16. kathydaffy

    Recovery week

    Great question that I'd love to find an answer to!! I work out most days of the week but lately I've found I'm more sluggish/moody/irritable after a few months of constant training (with my weekly rest day included). I read that taking a full week off isn't a bad thing - taking the time off...
  17. kathydaffy

    Strong and Sweaty Subtitutions

    Strong & Sweaty is a great series but out of all the workouts the two I reach for a lot are Total Body Giant Sets and Ramped Up Upper Body - especially RUUB! I love the upper splits that Cathe has but RUUB is great when you want to work everything in under an hour. I confess that I'm not a...
  18. kathydaffy

    Best workouts for working out anger/stress/sadness

    Yes to what Jane said - while it's helpful to punch and grunt your way through the emotional pain (which I know can be unbearable at times) relaxation/breathing through yoga can help with the stress as well. Do what feels right for you in the moment and don't beat yourself up if you don't...
  19. kathydaffy

    Strong & Sweaty or Fit Split

    Another vote for Strong & Sweaty! I think there is more variety than with Fit Split (although I do like the boxing and weight training segments)... you get Boot Camp, Cardio, Upper Body, PHA, Giant Sets, etc., versus shorter and compact workouts with Fit Split. Fit Split does have a "legs...
  20. kathydaffy

    Best workouts for working out anger/stress/sadness

    I'm so sorry about your brother and please accept my deepest condolences as it is never easy losing a beloved sibling (my little brother died suddenly and unexpectedly 3 years ago so I truly sympathize). The anger and frustration that come with grief can be so hard but god for you for...