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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    Cathe, I don't have the Fit Tower or Turbo Tower. What would be a good substitute? Especially with the Fit Tower workouts.
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    Group Shot From ICE Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox

    I'm trying to find out who makes the tank tops........
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    XTrain Question

    Hi Cathe-- I've done STS twice, so this looks great. BUT--I'm also hoping we'll have the option of purchasing this WITHOUT the "Ride" DVD, as you did with the LIS series. Thanks for considering!
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    Weak Wrists?

    Hi Cathe: I seem to have a problem doing bicep curls, especially one-arm curls. My wrists feel weak and give out before my arms do. Is it okay to go heavy and support the wrist, or should I do something like wrist curls to help strengthen the wrist? Thanx for your help. Patty