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  1. ShyWolf

    Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

    Added May 2010 Rotation Just updated for May 2010
  2. ShyWolf

    Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

    Thank You's not been easy since I've gone back to school full-time and am not on the forums as I used to be ♥
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    Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

    Updated up to April 2010 Updated up to April 2010 enjoy!
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    December 09 Check in Wednesday 16th*******

    Just popping in to tell Joanne how sorry I am over your dad.... Your mom will benefit from all the visits. It's been 4 yrs since my dad passed away and I can relate to seeing that special love my parents had for each other. My mom was taking care of my dad 24/7 also and it was a big adjustment...
  5. ShyWolf

    Daily Check in Thurs Dec 10

    Good Thursday morning Ladies! I have the day off from school and decided to pop in and say hello to my wonderful Cathe friends. I hope & pray all are doing well. I'm as good as can be and have sporadically posted over on Facebook ::::waves to Phyllis:::: I wasn't working out for a bit as I'm...
  6. ShyWolf

    December 09 Check in Thursday 10th*******

    Hello Sweet Lovely Ladies! I have the day of from classes so I can sneak on over here to give everyone a virtual hug. I just dropped off my oldest on campus as she has some work to do at the SGA office so I'll be pulling out Disc 7 from CLX and do the cardio workout then one of my Bar Method...
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    November 09 Checkin Wednesday 25th*************

    Hello Gals! Happy Thanksgiving ! I ended up cooking our Thanksgiving meal today since dh is working.... it turned out well and I have enough food for tomorrow too so woot, woot no cooking for me tomorrow Yay! I plan on spending the day doing schoolwork along w/ some Turbo Jam and possibly...
  8. ShyWolf

    November 09 Check in Weekend 7th-8th

    Surprise , surprise! Hello Ladies! Sounds like most are doing well w/ their workouts. :) I realized we are in the month of November and I needed to update the Rotations listings :o We are all doing well as can be. This semester is almost done next month and I'm getting ready to pre...
  9. ShyWolf

    October 09 check in Weekend 24th/25th*****

    Hi Ladies! How is everything? I hope all are doing well...haven't been online much at all as it's mid terms here and its a good busy :) Kathy have a good time at your son's baseball game Chris Ooooo TJ 20 and abs sounds good for me too today - thanks for mentioning it Beth a chiro? Boy I...
  10. ShyWolf

    October 09 check in Weekend 3rd/4th*****

    Hi Girls! Long time no see - hmmm seems it will probably be the weekends when I get some down time to visit. Today I need to go and shop for my daughter's BFF as its her 12th birthday so my Sophie will be sleeping over tonight. Beth it does sounds like that teenage phase is creeping along for...
  11. ShyWolf

    Daily check in Sat Oct 3

    Hello Phyllis, Conni & all who follow! Phyllis so sorry you could not join your dh Well this week was an off week from working out; I started working along with school and I get home at 11pm to get up at 5am to get the kids ready for school that I was exhausted and couldn't even fathom the...
  12. ShyWolf

    September 09 Check in Tuesday 29th******

    Just popping in quickly to say HI! I'm actually online doing some homework and just had to come over here briefly. All is well as can be and I'm exhausted but that is life eh? Big Hugs to all!
  13. ShyWolf

    September 09 Check in Weekend 19th/20th******

    Hi All! been missing you all - hope everything is well .... Weekends are becoming my catching up days with the house and any school's been a big adjustment to us all here but we are dealing with it the best we can. I am just focusing on the end goal:) I'm sure I have missed tons on...
  14. ShyWolf

    Daily Check in Thurs Sept 17

    Good Morning Ladies!! Boy have I missed checking in with you all. Phyllis that is great that you have your tower - so I'm guessing all the preorders have shipped? I wish I had room for one myself perhaps when we move next year ;) Becky have fun w/ CLX - as far as tv I have tons of stuff...
  15. ShyWolf

    September 09 Check in Labor Day Weekend

    OMG!!!! I can't even eat one donut without my IBS acting up which is good because I just stay away from them lol but DANG!!!! I've never seen a donut that big. Joanne your kids are cute! Off I go to bed as my crazy week will start all over again ;)
  16. ShyWolf

    September 09 Check in Labor Day Weekend

    Joanne I just wanted to laugh about the crabby husband comment and wanting to push him off the roof LMAO - I hope the sickies leave your house soon...your poor son. Thats crazy that they only test for swine flu on folks admitted to hospital. Sheesh.... What we do to make our kids happy on their...
  17. ShyWolf

    Daily Check-In 9/7 Labor Day

    Hello Ladies!!!! Tammy when I do CLX as a whole I always did a 30 min warm up cardio also ;) So are you enjoying CLX? I'm thinking I'll start another round next month :) Conni not Tammy of course but I think I can answer your question....Chalene emphasis to Go Heavy or Go Home lol... When I do...
  18. ShyWolf

    Daily Checkin-In Tuesday, 9/1

    Hello Ladies! rest day for me and it's my son's 17th birthday so we are going out for sushi tonight as per his birthday dinner request :) Becky glad to hear your doing better. Big Hellos to Tammy , Phyllis, Conni, Annette & Jane Off I go to class --- later....;)
  19. ShyWolf

    September 09 Check in Tuesday 1rst******

    Good Morning Kathy & all who follow! Rest day for me and today I'm the mama of a 17 yr old boy - He was my smallest baby @ 4#.11 oz and now he is 6' ft and towers over me lol Getting ready to start my day at school. Hottie I hope you are doing okay as I am hearing about those fires; while I...