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  1. str8shooter

    Party Theme Announcement

    Sounds like such a fun night! I wish I could’ve made it this year. Have fun you guys!
  2. str8shooter

    Cathe, stop joking! It's dangerous!

    I thought it was funny in one of the workouts at the end when were stretching shoulders she says “don’t take your arm across your Adam’s apple”. Uh, I think Al’s was the only one present with one, he looked like he was saying in his head, “are you talking to me?” Everyone else kind of looked...
  3. str8shooter

    Foam Rolling Upper Body

    This was the first workout I chose to do as it had been one that I was really looking forward to. This workout did not disappoint! As BlakKat stated my lats got a good foam rolling and the “open book” helped me to discover some mobility issues on one side. Will definitely be reaching for this...
  4. str8shooter

    The “lull before the storm”

    This is the longest wait everererer
  5. str8shooter

    The “lull before the storm”

    The excitement is definitely building!!
  6. str8shooter

    Wrong link on STS 2.0 Lower Body 2 store page

    Hi Cathe and friends as noted in the title the store page for STS 2 Lower Body 2 is not correct. The link takes you to the mini ball abs workout. Just an FYI. Amy
  7. str8shooter

    6 clips to go?

    Best for last I guess
  8. str8shooter

    Cathe's STS 2.0 Mobility 1 Recovery Workout

    Looks amazing! Hits all my tight spots. Love it Cathe and crew
  9. str8shooter

    6 clips to go?

    I really want to see the clip for the Legs workout on the Shoulder and legs dvd. I cross my fingers everyday
  10. str8shooter

    36 inch orange foam roller?

    I would say soft to medium. It does have some give and cushion.
  11. str8shooter

    Small foam roller?

    The blue small foam roller is hard. The orange one is soft to medium in my opinion.
  12. str8shooter

    Video of Cathe's STS 2.0 Mini Ball Abs Workout

    I like the looks of this one. Cathe is so creative ♥️
  13. str8shooter

    Pushups with boss bands versus knees?

    I love using the orange band. It assists you in the way up.
  14. str8shooter

    Video Clip Of Cathe's Pedal Party Live Workout

    Great spin workout Cathe! You always deliver. I feel the same way about spinning that you do. At first when I jump on the bike I’m not sure it’s really what I want to be doing but after 5 minutes I’m in it to win it Amy
  15. str8shooter

    STS: 2.0 update

    Yes, it is at her gym.
  16. str8shooter

    May 2022

    This looks great! I love weight training splits like this! Thank you so much!
  17. str8shooter

    Video Clip Of Cathe's Legit Legs Live Workout

    This workout turned my legs to jello!!
  18. str8shooter

    About My New Workout Series

    This is the best news we’ve had in years. I’ll add my 2 cents to the requests. I’d love to see the fit tower put to use for pull ups as I feel it works the muscles so differently then just rows and pullovers. Also, if you can let us know what weights you are using for each exercise. Over the...