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    Does anyone have their food delivered or picked up?

    Yes - I've done two different companies here in San Diego. Both are certified organic. The first company was arranged through work and delivered every Wednesday to work. That one you got what you got - local in season produce and fruit. Small box for 2 people; large box for 4-ish. It...
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    Why is it that an hour after a long run, my right hip flexor thightens up .. and now when I walk...

    Why is it that an hour after a long run, my right hip flexor thightens up .. and now when I walk I look injured? #running problems.
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    So Stressed and Scared

    Kim, Thank you for the update :) I was wondering how it went. Good news - please keep us posted when you have the follow up. Kristen
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    So Stressed and Scared

    ((HUGS)) For what it is worth, I've had an abnormal mammogram. Followed up by a sonogram that was inconclusive. They sent me for a cyst biopsy - upon which they learned I was pregnant and decided to wait. Turns out the cyst resolved on its own. So, I know first hand the stress and anxiety...
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    Can I Just Vent?

    First of all, you need to give yourself permission to 'mourn' your empty nest. Your baby, who you have spent so many years taking care of ... is off to college, doing what you have taught her to do. As a parent, we spend SO much time taking care of the needs of others, that we've really...
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    Natalie Jill Fitness

    I'm participating in the DietBet she is hosting right now at DietBet - Set Up or Join a Weight Loss Challenge. I purchased the plan as the bundle using the dietbet discounted rate for being a participant. Had a chance to look through part of it ... but can't say I can recall anything right now...
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    Band Wall Hook?

    My hubby installed a large clip hook onto an eye bolt in the wall (into a stud, not the drywall.) I"ll see if I can take a photo of it when I get home and post it. Kristen
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    Any odd (but awesome) benefits from strength workouts?

    Earlier this summer, we were working on an outdoor project (fixing a water fountain.) Hubby ended up needing more bags of concrete and asked me to run to Home Depot. As I was in the aisle getting ready to load it up, a worker asked if I needed help. I hefted up the 80 lbs bag of concrete...
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    Recovery Drink Suggestions

    Do you mean the Xtend? Yes - I drink it both during workout and sometimes post workout if the workout was really tough. I had read some research that shows that BCAAs drunk throughout the day can help recovery because there is a constant source of the amino acids your muscles need for growth...
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    Recovery Drink Suggestions

    I like Xtend BCAA/Electrolyte drink by Scivation. It is a zero carb drink, so if you are looking to replenish carbs this won't do it. I use it for the BCAA (Branched chain amino acids) since research has shown that taking them during/post workout can help alleviate muscle soreness. I drink it...
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    Update on Fitness competition

    HUGE Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment. You should be SO proud of yourself for overcoming your fear of being that showgirl and going for it. Awesome!
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    Strength Training 6x per week

    We'll have to start another STS check-in - that was highly motivating for me to have a group of you ladies also going through STS.
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    Strength Training 6x per week

    Me too! I am thinking of doing the 6 month rotation with the double weeks. When are you thinking of starting?
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    Low Carb-High Fat

    I think it is really hard to generalize for EVERYONE. We are all different. Although the internal mechanics of our bodies are similar, the functioning of each is still unique. I believe how we grew up, the bacteria we were exposed to .. all takes residence in the gut, and now has an effect on...
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    Low Carb-High Fat

    You may want to add a bit of a healthy 'fat' to your smoothie, like a tsp/tbs of coconut oil, flax seed, nut butter, etc. It would help balance out the ratios in the macros, and give you a bit of a boost as well.
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    woo hoo

    I know .. so excited here as well! :D Thanks Cathe!!!
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    Question about article on afterburn/diet

    Murfmom: Not cathy, but I have the same predicament. Up at 5:10 to workout, and just cannot stomach food that early. I asked my nutritionist about it, and basically what he told me was that short cardio sessions are OK fasted (not drinking water/electrolytes to stay hydrated.) I drink a...
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    What supplements do you take?

    I take: Preworkout drink: the caffeine wakes me up since I don't drink Coffee, and tea just makes me sleepy. It gives me the boost at 5:10am to wake up and actually workout instead of falling back asleep on the couch. Workout drink: BCAA/Electrolyte: Branched chain amino acids must...
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    Finished STS, now what?

    Just started PT today. My patella is out of alignment, so I have pain with squat type movements on my right leg. I can walk/elliptical/bike .. but NO running, plyo workouts, leg weights, etc. My PT assures me that by the end of these 6 weeks I'll be back to running, plyos/high impact, and...