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    Apple Tv

    Thanks for fixing this! It works great now. Lori
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    Apple Tv

    Yes, ever since the AppleTV did an update it has been sticking and difficult to navigate. I have been exiting and coming back in and that helps a little too. Kathy is right that Favorites navigates better than the Search screen so maybe I will start to put more in there for now. Hopefully, it...
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    Cathe Live #17 IMAX 44 Mins Step Workout

    Jen, I am taller than Cathe so fast feet with feet touching the top of the step at 6” is very doable for me. In other workouts where I use an 8” Step, I will do fast feet just by touching my toes to the side of the bench. Also on 8” days, I usually just go side to side behind the step rather...
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    Cathe Live #17 IMAX 44 Mins Step Workout

    Thanks so much for the suggestion! Tonight was Cardio and this fit perfectly. Nice that it was only 44 minutes and I was pleasantly sweaty at the end. I didn’t modify anything, but did keep the step at 6” as it seemed a little fast for me to go higher. Lots of fun and yes a little easier than...
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    April 5, 2018

    Yippee!! Looking forward to this one! Thanks for keeping step in the Live rotations. :)
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    Jan 25, 2018

    Oh this one was a winner! I really liked all the band work. It definitely hits the muscles in a different way than weights. And all the pull-ups, chin-ups? Let’s just say W “ow”. The music was great too! :)
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    Dec 28, 2017

    That was great! My triceps were definitely shaking on the dips :). It feels so good to be back to a routine after the holidays! Thanks for giving us such terrific options for working out at home. It is 3 degrees out right now and I am very glad I don’t have to leave home to go to a gym!
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    October 26, 2017

    Well this was fun! Excellent for those of us with exercise ADD! :p I liked how it switched between weights, bands, gliders, and body weight. Thanks Cathe!
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    April 6, 2017

    Cathe, It was so terrific to meet you and the rest of the crew that works out with you! You were all so sweet. It was a great workout. I had a lot of fun! I hope to come back in person again but until then I will keep doing the workouts with you every week. Thank you for providing so many...
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    Announcing The New Cathe OnDemand iOS App

    Kind of sad because I just renewed my Cathe Live annual membership at full price although it is still a great bargain even at full price. :) If I have Cathe Live can I add Cathe On Demand to that subscription for a year using the coupon? Finally, since I have all her DVDs is it worth it just...
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    Nov 10, 2016

    Another fantastically sweaty workout! It started out nicely enough with boxing/kickboxing, but when Cathe took off her gloves -bam! Sweat was flying. I am still dripping as I type. :p Thanks! Lori
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    Just for fun, help me name a horse

    I like Misty too. Also, Lacey, Stormy, or Ghost.
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    June 23 2016

    What a sweat fest! Great way to bring in summer :) Lori
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    February 25, 2016

    Oh my goodness!!! What a fun workout! Some old favorite moves and some new ( to me anyway) variations. A little brain work with clapping and really great music. I was smiling the whole way through! :DLooking forward to doing this again. Thanks so much for offering Cathe Live. I really enjoy all...
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    Nov 5th 2015

    This was so much fun! And I loved your outfit! Thanks. Lori
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    May 28 2015

    Doesn't matter when you post it, it still makes us happy! Thanks for all the variety you put into Cathe Live. I really like super cuts so I am definitely looking forward to doing this tomorrow night. Lori
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    Feb 5, 2015 STEPTASTIC LIVE

    That was so much fun! I was able to do the whole thing without getting lost. I came upstairs with a big smile on my face and sweat everywhere else. Thanks for offering so much variety in the Live workouts. I definitely feel I get my money's worth! Lori
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    Would you ever consider selling dvd-r's of the Live workouts?

    One more here who would love a download option so I could take Cathe with me when I travel. You never really know how fast the speeds are going to be in different locations. Thanks for considering.
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    Sept 4th live class

    It's not there for me either. I guess I'll have to a different one tonight and hope this one is up by tomorrow.
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    I also add wheat bran (like Wheat Bran, Unprocessed - Millers Bran-14oz.) to my oatmeal to up the fiber.