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  1. aileensand01

    STS User Guide--Thank you!

    Hi Tami, $24.99 is a little high for what will likely be a paperback cover - -but I'd be willing to pay for it. I sure would like some sort of assurance it will be available.
  2. aileensand01

    STS User Guide--Thank you!

    User's guide available seperately? Hi - I've asked the same question on two other threads, and I've emailed Customer Service -- with no response. It certainly would be great to make it available (even for purchase) to those of us who pre-ordered just one or two of the MesoCycles. I believe...
  3. aileensand01

    STS Blog Update - December 22nd

    How do we get the users guide? Hi! How do we purchase the user's guide if we buy the Mesocycles seperately? I plan on purchasing Meso 2 and Meso 3, but wasn't planning on purchasing Meso 1 until I'd completed these two. I'd like the guide -- is it available seperately? Thanks, Aileen...
  4. aileensand01

    packaging question

    What if partial order? Hi - The book sounds exciting -- but you state that it is only available if you purchase the entire set. I only purchased Mesocycle 2. What options do I have for getting the book? Thanks! A