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    Shoe recommended for new workouts

    Cathe, thank you for your reply. It does help and I appreciate your assistance. My sons swear by Nike Free shoes. I guess I will have to look into getting a pair for myself. Again, thanks! :)
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    Would you ever consider selling dvd-r's of the Live workouts?

    Add me to the list that would purchase dvd+rs of these or the downloads. I don't do streaming. I like what I see in the workouts but would like to download and do the workouts numerous times. I am a keep of all of my dvds / workouts. ;)
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    Cathe: Kickboxing Rotation?

    I am all up for that kind of rotation!
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    Shoe recommended for new workouts

    I am looking into buying new shoes and wanted to know which Nike shoe(s) Cathe and the gang will be using. I need lateral support and cushion. If SNM does not reply, can anyone recommend a good cross-training shoe that can be used for all of the elements applied in the new series (weights...
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    I'm in !!! Who's ready to chat?

    Cathe, what would you suggest to do to get back to working out after a tummy tuck? My SIL had one in Feb and is asking. I help her out with my dvds. I have most of yours, with the exception of the beginner workouts. She is mostly concerned with the ab work. I guess its like coming back from...
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    When is Pre-Order charged?

    Yes, they refund if you cancel prior to shipping.
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    Girls I'd prefer to see the original crew, including Rhonda.
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    Index of Cathe Rotations April '03 - Jul '08 (CatheNation Links)

    Thank you, Vilma. I was going nuts trying to find the rotations.
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    just testing too: testing!
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    Best island vacation?

    Hey, Pippa, have you considered the Dominican Republic? I have never been there but will be going during the summer. We live in Florida and booked via this site: They have lots of options and they are reasonably priced. These all all-inclusive resorts. If you are...
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    Filming STS/Does this make sense?

    Yes, I understand. This happened a few times in BM2. She is doing something new and as I am trying to learn it they change the camera view...quite aggravating.
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    Is anyone ordering Tracy S. new workouts?

    Yes. I ordered all of her new ones. To me the issue with the voice in The Parts Series had more to do with Mindy's Production company, as can be seen when you compare them against Walking Strong for which she used a different company. At least that's what I think.:) And btw, Walking...
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    I'm getting a cell phone jammer!

    >>it's just a matter of courtesy. I don't know what's so >urgent >>that people can't wait to get home to have private >>conversations > > >Well, I'll be the disenter and say that I think this idea (the >cell phone jammer) is very wrong. Those of us who have >children who may need to...
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    SNM/Cathe....DVD Glich Advice

    The same thing happened to me when I tried playing the KB dvd. I had to go back, shut down, eject the dvd, etc. over and over again until I was able to get in once through the mix and max...then nothing. All over again.
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    Any chance of an early look at November's rotation?

    That would be excellent. runathon
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    Vonage anyone?

    >They do, it's just works differently than traditional 911 >calling. Here's what they have to say: > > Thanks. That helps. :) runathon
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    Vonage anyone?

    Well, we haven't seriouslly considered it after I read that it did not offer 911 service. Anyone know about this? Thanks. runathon
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    Question for the early a.m. exercisers...

    I am up at 3:00 am (yes, 3:00 AM :o )from Tuesday to Friday. I make myself a shake (juice and protein powder) prior to exercising. It is the only way to do it for me. runathon
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    Changing camera angles

    I agree. This also happens in BM2 and it almost throws me off! runathon
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    New DVD Replacement Update – Nov 7th

    Excellent. runathon