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  1. cab0899

    Cardio Coach question: doing "hills" while running outdoors

    So Sandra, are you going to run to work instead of bike? I've never tried the Cardio Coach outside just on the treadmill but have wondered about it.
  2. cab0899

    Anyone in Montreal?

    I was just in Montreal. My son is attending McGill and we took him out to get settled.
  3. cab0899

    Anyone need a roommate

    Are you part of the Facebook group, Tripping with Cathe? It seems to be where most of the discussion about the road trip happens, you might want to post there or I could post it for you?
  4. cab0899

    Dreaded last 10 pounds

    I lost 12 lbs doing Cathe's 2 month RWH rotation in Jan/Feb 2015. I was watching my eating but not being obsessive.
  5. cab0899

    A belated thank you to Cathe and an observation :)

    I believe the newsletter picture is from To The Max
  6. cab0899

    Dedicating today's cardio to my Brother-in-law :(

    So sorry to hear about your brother in law. Your post was a beautiful tribute.
  7. cab0899

    Thoughts on hard core series

    You're welcome. I'm actually doing the weight loss rotation at the moment, it's fun to go back and revisit old rotations.
  8. cab0899

    Thoughts on hard core series

    Hi Everyone! By now you have all had a week or two to play around with your Hardcore Series Workouts. Since this series easily lends itself to different types of programs, I have decided to post three different rotations. I'm hoping that there will be something for everyone to "enjoy" by doing...
  9. cab0899

    I just signed up for the road trip! Canadians - who's coming?

    Sandra, I booked my flight today, I had enough airmiles for a "free" flight, $160 for taxes. I'm going through Toronto on Thursday evening.
  10. cab0899

    new fitbit

    Love my fitbit! I have it hooked up with Loseit, I log my food into the lose it app and my exercise in fitbit, works great. I tend to take off the fitbit during my workouts and log the calories especially for weight training.
  11. cab0899

    I just signed up for the road trip! Canadians - who's coming?

    Oh, Sandra, too funny. I just did a complete impulse purchase here as well. I'm off work today and was sitting here bored and I signed up for my second road trip. yikes!!!
  12. cab0899

    MIC - I'm gonna do it!

    I lové the blast at the end on MIC! Glad to hear your health is improving, Sandra!
  13. cab0899

    Have the PreOrder Mailings Been Completed Yet? Excitedly Anticipating Here in Canada!

    I' m in Winnipeg and actually got my DVDs on Tuesday, Dec.9th. Super quick this time.
  14. cab0899

    Any Canadians Got Their Pre-Orders Yet?

    I got my preorder in Winnipeg on Tuesday so very quick! Canadians don't get a shipping notice. I have found over the years that delivery really varies, I think it depends on whether it gets stopped at customs or not.
  15. cab0899

    Does anyone live in North Dakota?

    Hey, neighbour ! Over the years I've seen a few Manitobans post on the website but never anyone from Saskatchewan!
  16. cab0899


    I remember you! I've been around the forums for years but never posted a ton so you might not remember me.
  17. cab0899

    Does anyone live in North Dakota?

    Hey, great to hear there is another Cathlete from Winnipeg! Have you been around the forums long? I've been a Cathe devotee for over twenty years and been on the forum for close to 15 years. Goodness, time flies! Would you believe I bought my first Cathe VCR workout at the old Eaton's at polo...
  18. cab0899

    Cardio leg blast=ankle sprain

    Ouch, sorry yo hear about your injury. Hope you are back to stepping soon!
  19. cab0899

    Does anyone live in North Dakota?

    Not in North Dakota but just directly north in Winnioeg, Canada. We do visit once a year for shopping!
  20. cab0899

    Job Interview!