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    LET'S GET INSANE - Thurs, 7/30

    Havefun- no issues with the squat pulses!!! Wow, that's great! i was still burning out today. Ya, maybe doing CPR, PC and PCC back to back contributed to my suckiness yesterday, but it was also my poor attitude going into it as well:rolleyes: Kareiv-congrats on passing your boards, you must...

    LET'S GET INSANE - Wed, 7/29

    Hey Guys! So today like totally sucked for me. See video blog Anyways, I'm glad i started my video blog because otherwise i would have NOT done INSANITY today!!!! kareiv- i have the Bodybugg model. I love it. I really had no idea what i was...

    LET'S GET INSANE - Tues, 7/28

    Hey All, another late check-in for me. I can't believe it's day 9 already. Did Pure Cardio and was actually looking forward to the workout :) I don't look at the next days work out until right before I'm about to do it, so that I can't psych myself out of it. Okay Day 9 video blog is up...

    LET'S GET INSANE - Sun, 7/26

    I did PCC yesterday. I was struggling through it and did not see an improvement from the 1st workout- i think i did better on the 1st one. A-Jock-wow, you are a beast!!!! (in a complimentary way) MIP with a rewind and IA. aveggiegirl-i agree, i like Shaun much better in insanity than...


    Hi Everyone, Even though I do my workout in the am, i don't seem to get around here until just before midnite:rolleyes: My 5 year wanted to join me today for Pure Cardio. I didn't think he would last, but that little guy did the whole thing. Woo-Hoo!!! I am loving these INSANITY workouts! I...

    LET'S GET INSANE - Thurs, 7/23

    I'm a bit late for today. It was day 4 for me Cardio Recovery. It was a nice change of pace but still tough for me- my legs burn out so fast in the squat/lunge holds/pulses!!! Day 4 is up on youtube.

    LET'S GET INSANE - Wed, 7/22

    Hey Guys, checking in for today. Did CPR. I've got plenty of room for improvement;) I did a pre-warm-up on my rebounder then a foam rolller stretch before starting the workout. Kareiv- Yes, I have the Shakeology in both flavors (chocolate and greenberry). I think they both taste great:D...

    LET'S GET INSANE - Tuesday, 7/21

    Checking in for the day. Did Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I'm feeling soreness in my lower back since last nite and still tonite- feels like i did a back workout????? Hip flexors are mega tight. I hope i can get through the 60 days without injury. check out my INSANITY video blog on youtube...

    LET'S GET INSANE - Monday

    Hey Guys, My name is Ali. I did the Fit Test today. I decided to document my INSANITY journey on video because I can never seem to finish any program. I always stop about a week or 2 before the end. So I'm doing this to keep myself accountable. I really want to finish!!!! But boy, day 1...


    I'll be starting on Monday with the Fit Test. For those of you that have the deluxe, did you preview the upper body workout? It looks crazy!!!! I'd like to add that in, but not sure which day. Any thoughts?


    You pay less shipping. If there is a problem with your order, your coach will go to battle for you. Coaches do not have to deal with "international" customer service reps, that really can't get it done right away.

    Work from Home Career

    Amanda, Yes and no. Yes, you can make enough to live off of being a coach and I do know some coaches that have retired from their "J-O-B-S" to do this full time, but it's not going to happen right away. As with anything, the more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it. I do it...

    Work from Home Career

    I work from home as a Beachbody coach-it's not full time, but that's up to me. I love it because i get to reach so many more people than I can come into live contact with on a daily basis. It feels great to help people reach their fitness goals. Fitness is my passion and I love making money...

    total fitness dvds?!

    My shipping was $9.88 for the deluxe set. but the DVD's don't come in a standard DVD case, they come in a sort of packaging that looks and feels like a textbook, as well as the nutrition guide book- and the deluxe DVD's also come hardcover book style but not as thick as a textbook.

    Fitness Instructor Workshops in Wisconsin??

    HI Amanda, You can go to to find general instructor trainings near you. Additionally, if you like turbokick, hip-hop, or piyo check out

    so who's done the Insanity Fit Test?

    Great starting #'s guys!!!!

    Plantar Fasciitis and Cute Shoes- Is it possible?

    I recently received a catalogue in the mail from a company called Footsmart. They have a website too. They have some sandals and sneakers, inserts, arch supports, night braces and stuff for plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions. Check it out and request a catalogue too.


    Got mine today too =D I watched the fit test and OMG!!! WOW!!!! That is a workout in itself. I actually got to take a live 30 min INSANITY class with Shaun T. in NYC and it was the hardest workout i ever did. After that, I was like, I don't know how i am going to be able to do this on my...

    question for those who ordered insanity through BB

    FYI- when you order through a coach, you can click on shop, then Shaun T., then find the deluxe package.

    Traditional aerobics classes.

    Hey Chris, try looking up Jazzercise- i know it's there, my cousin's girlfriend goes. if you don't find it, i can find out for you.