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    Hang on to your beginner dvds.

    After a long recovery from an injury, I am back in love with mine again. Can't tell you how many times I thought of giving them away, but couldn't bear to part with anything Cathe. Now I am super glad I didn't!
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    Psst - Can we talk...panties?

    Love this thread. I have NEVER considered going commando before but now, I think I will give it a shot next workout. Never do anything other than high impact sports bra for the girls but have always done cotton "granny panties" because I do hate to keep readjusting my underwear. Menopausal so...
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    Still having a hard time with this getting old stuff!

    Can't help with everything but as an over 50 finishing menopausal woman I can relate. I have an arthritic toe as well. Podiatrist gave me an insert for my shoes that works wonders. I can do my Cathe cardio! I also have a compounded anti inflammatory and pain relief cream he prescribed that I use...
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    Favorite styles from old Cathe Videos

    Me too! Definitely my favorite.
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    When to replace step

    Fifteen years on my and had to replace it. Kept slipping, as the tlc93 said. Kept the risers of course. So far so good on the new one!
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    Garmin vs Fitbit

    I have read that the best way to get the most accurate calorie burn is with a chest strap. No wrist device can be as accurate due to the positional changes during activity. All wrist devices are somewhat inaccurate on step count, due to the same thing. Some are more inaccurate than others. That...
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    Garmin vs Fitbit

    I have the Fitbit Charge HR. I am considering changing to the VivoFit. Here is why: mine is 6 months old and has been replaced twice in that time. They have had hardware failures. Customer Service is great, they send a new one with no problem but three in 6 months is indicative of a...
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    What fitness related/none fitness related item did Santa bring you?

    I got the ICE series. Can't wait to try them out. I also got floor mats for my car. I know, not romantic, but it was what I really wanted. Ohio winters did a number on mine.
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    Suggestions for a Comeback - I need your opinion

    There is a Checkins and challenges forum here. We could set a day or two of the week to post how we are doing. Just as we are chatting here. Or we could email each other if you would like daily encouragement, accountability. Let me know if you want to and we can work out the details. My email is...
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    Suggestions for a Comeback - I need your opinion

    Need a comeback myself at 57. Was wondering if you might want to start a check in thread. Let me know. We can start a thread on Checkins and challenges. Call it Reboot 2016.
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    Thank you, Cathe, for low impact!

    Love them too. I still want to feel exhausted when I am done, but my arthritis won't always allow me to do the higher impact. Cathe's are the best!
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    IMAX 2 & KPC...All Time Best

    Definitely the ones I do the most along with Rythmic Step. That one always puts a smile on my face.
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    2 lazy for gym aka Jengolf Best Review ever LOL

    This made my morning. I looked up a snippet of the video so I could see some of this for myself. Never done a TA video, but I have seen the love/hate relationship that others have for her.
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    Need Your Thoughts and Prayers

    Praying as I type for all of you, especially your sil.
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    So anyone besides me like SciFi-Fantasy genre? Tolkien, Brooks, Paolini, Martin, etc.?
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    Love my Cathe Forum!

    I am a " lurker" but this forum is the first thing I read in the morning. I rarely post, but just knowing you guys are out there helps so much. I think tlc93 hit my sentiments on the nose.
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    Mega Step Blast?

    LOVED the dance moves! Party Rockin' Step is hard to learn but FUN! Still miss the dancey cool downs though. Would love to see this one on DVD. Would also love to see an updated version.
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    Burpees alternative?

    This is so helpful. Thanks for posting.
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    I'm starting the 8 hour diet, so far a success! (lost 7 lbs and counting)

    Congrats on both the diet and the vow renewal! Keep us posted on your progress. I find this truly motivating.