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    This is random but does anyone know what brand of sneakers these are? Thanks in advance!
  2. molasses

    Cathe Live #17 IMAX 44 Mins Step Workout

    Thanks for the inspiration. Wasn't sure what to do this morning for my cardio day, read this and did #192 - it was lots of fun. Keep the suggestions coming...
  3. molasses

    April 25, 2019

    Wish I could work from home tomorrow to join your class live but I will have to wait until Saturday to do this one...have fun! PS: thank you for the exercise demos you're giving us on Instagram. Perfect finishers!
  4. molasses

    Upcoming Step series?

    I hope this is true, I can never have enough step. I did Cathe Live Steptastic this morning to celebrate! :D I hope there is one workout similar to the RWH Plyo HiiT 2 and/or RWH HiiT Circuit Lower Body.
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Leg Day Live Workout

    Great class. I'm sure I will be feeling it tomorrow.
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    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Hello! jewels5, I hope you're feeling better. Sorry I've been MIA, we had snowmageddon in Ottawa + overtime at work just took up my time. I have been working out though. Terina: I completed the 3.5 months rotation of STS and my strength definitely increased for every body part except for...
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    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Good morning! Jewels5 are you on Instagram? Alexia Clark is also someone I like to follow. She's very creative with the moves and you can add on one or two rounds of her suggested workouts after doing Cathe I did Flex Train on Saturday and took it easy yesterday. Because I completed STS a...
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    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Jewels5 LOL! I like your style, will add that one to my playlist. :D You’ve both convinced me, I will add in some hip thrusts once a week (an extra bonus for the bootie). I will look at the segment on Cathe’s xtrain but will have to work up to 65lbs, that’s for sure. Terina you can never go...
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    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Good morning! Jewels5 Oh my goodness, yes, I needed music to get through all those lunges too. I’m so glad we’re done with those for the week. What do you listen to? I was not able to face Butts and Guts this morning because of all the lunges so I chose Cathe Live Totally Toned Legs which is...
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    Rock Bottoms

    Hi jewels5, the time does fly by - happy you like the workout too! Hello Terrina, of course you may join - I've created a check in which is open to everyone.
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    Rock Bottoms - Check in

    Starting a check in for those wanting to do a rock bottoms rotation. I am currently following the 2013 rotation but will need to make substitutions at times Today is day 2 for me, Pyramid UB with 300 walking lunges (20 lb weighted vest). I started out strong with the walking lunges but had to...
  12. molasses

    Rock Bottoms

    Cardio Leg Blast it is. One of my favorites, a good way to start. ☺ Update: workout 1 done. Off topic but what is the song "come in my sweet ride" a soundalike of? I just love that song.
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    Rock Bottoms

    Hello jewels5, 2013 is the one that interests me the most. I'm ready to go when you are!
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    Rock Bottoms

    Hello, I'd like to start a Rock Bottoms Rotation but I don't know which one to do. Does anyone have a favorite?
  15. molasses

    January 3, 2019

    Happy New Year Cathe! This workout sounds fun, can't wait to try.
  16. molasses

    May 31, 2018

    Amazing class! I finally did it yesterday and know I will do it again and again. Are there workouts, DVD or Live, that are similar? Really liked the speed and variety.
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    Workout worksheets. Is this what you are looking for?
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    STS Total Body

  19. molasses

    STS Total Body

    Hi Beth, unfortunately that is not my is an "exercise cat" I found on the internet. I wish mine would pose but he mostly sleeps. Lol! I have a tuxedo cat but grey tigers certainly are beautiful. I've completed 2lazy4gym's 8 week rotation which included the total body which is why I'd...
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    Wondering About Cast Member Cede?

    It wasn't as recent as I thought, July 6, 2017 Boot Camp Circuit. She's in the don't see her often during the class but she's still got it.