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    STS 2.0 Mobility 1 and 2 Premix. But, it's probably because I need to do more of it. LOL. and I will.
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    Who is the cast member to Cathe's left? I have not seen her before.
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    Previous Cast Members!

    Lorraine, I think, adopted a son with hubby and began doing group fitness classes. I used to follow her on FB. Cedie appeared in a Cathe live some months back or possibly a year ago. I saw pics of Amanda doing fitness model competitions.
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    Counting steps during step workout

    I do. I normally wear my fitbit when working out. It depends on how long the workout it is. It's normally 4500 - 7500.
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    Video Clip From Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact Workout

    There are some great ideas here. One thing I do to modify burpees, is use a square work step/stool - which keeps me from going down to the floor. I place my hands on that and jump back. It doesn't move at all. I love it. I still keep the timing though.
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for August 2020

    Good morning yall. I'm trying to find relief for hot flashes. I did a search here and found this from Debbie. Debbie, which supplement are you referring to on this post. Thanks so much.
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    Timeline of new all series

    Is there a place where all the series are listed in order with the date of their release?
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    Laptops at the gym

    I just remembered I used to have Cathe Live on my ipad, so Ondemand should work as well. Thanks, Ladies.
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    Laptops at the gym

    So, you have OnDemand on your ipad? I was told it won't download to ipad. Thx
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    Laptops at the gym

    With my commute, I can't do Cathe at home in the mornings anymore. It's been almost four years, and I'm over doing subpar workouts at the gym. I want my Cathe's back! I want to just order OnDemand on my laptop and take it to the gym. Does anyone else do this? The staff said it's no...
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    Today I did PHA Training from my laptop at the gym. I feel great. The ease of opening laptop and pulling up video really has me considering getting ondemand.
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    Good morning, Today, I took my laptop to the gym to do Cardio Slam. Background: 4 years ago, I changed jobs and my commute is 40-45 at least each way to work. I now have no time at home to do cathe dvds. I had to join a gym and squeeze in 30-40 minutes on weekdays of workouts that I do not...
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    I found my answer
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    Do you need wifi or internet to access OnDemand/Live? TIA
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    Rhythmic/dance/step workout for the out-of-shape?

    Great recommendations!
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    The Onederland Challenge

    Good morning! How's your plan going?
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    The Onederland Challenge

    Maybe you could join one the groups that are already established. They are always looking for new members. Good luck
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    how to get started

    LOL. you're so right. I took that ipad to the gym and did a bootcamp. OMG. The only sounds in the room was Cathe's voice, the music and my huffing. It was just like old times. LOL I absolutely loved it.