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  1. Curt Kapus

    Our 284th Cathe Live Broadcast

    Hi LizEMA, We'd recommend in a cast like this to go to "My Account" and log out of your account, refresh the page, log back in, then go to the video page and try playing it again. Please let us know if this works or not, then we can go from there. We've noted and appreciate your suggestion...
  2. Curt Kapus

    IOS issues with live

    Hi dalea, I'll answer these in random order... With all of your apps (iPad, iPhone, and FireTV), first please make sure that they are all updated, as we have released new versions recently to address some issues we've had with the server changes. On your iPhone 11 (and also your iPad), when...
  3. Curt Kapus

    Sound issues with Live

    Hello Helen Rudge27, in general, Bluetooth speakers are not recommended to use while watching video because of their inherent delay. Older versions of Bluetooth technology have longer delays than newer versions. If your Apple device is fairly recent it will contain Bluetooth 5, which is the...
  4. Curt Kapus

    Small error in Step Boss User Guide

    This has been corrected. Thank you for letting us know. Please re-download the guide if you'd like to!
  5. Curt Kapus

    Reporting error to LITE User Guide

    Hi everyone, the User's Guide has been corrected regarding the missing weights and cards for Metabolic Blast. The revised file was just uploaded, so you may want to give it a little while to propagate out to the servers. Thanks for your help!
  6. Curt Kapus

    What am I doing wrong?

    Google Cast does not work with Chrome on the iPhone. They removed the ability for unknown reasons about 18 months ago. However, a workaround is to use the free app MomoCast from the App Store on your iPhone. They provide detailed instructions when you launch it on how to make it work. I have...
  7. Curt Kapus

    AirPlay Cathe premixes from iPad?

    For the time being Cathe's Premixes cannot be played from the iPad because of some technical hurdles we have yet to conquer. Stay tuned for a solution, though...we are working on it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Curt Kapus

    Roku in Canada

    Hello Tanny T, instead of putting in "Cathe OnDemand" into the "Channel access code" box after you click "Add Channel", type in "HXWJV" (without the quotes). This should work for you.
  9. Curt Kapus

    Roku Users - Help Us Test Our New Roku OnDemand Channel

    Hi ncaison, please try again to enter the code at the bottom of your "My Account" page. We updated the site and you may have caught it just at the time that the software was being installed. Also, make sure to refresh the page so that you get the most recent version of it.
  10. Curt Kapus

    Workout Blender just "Loading..."

    Hi pixie9, sorry for the delay; we've been filming the new ICE series so have been preoccupied with that! Good thinking with VLC, but the codecs that are used are all part of the OS (standard h.264) so something else is going on. I have passed on the issue to the heavy duty developers to see if...
  11. Curt Kapus

    Workout Blender just "Loading..."

    Hi pixie9, could you tell me if it is stuck loading on the left column (under Video Library), or if the video window on the right has the spinning red circle of dots with Loading? Or is it both? That will help us determine where things are getting stuck and we can go from there. Sent from my...
  12. Curt Kapus

    Windows 10

    Hi cher54. Did you have any luck with this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Curt Kapus

    Windows 10

    Hello cher54. Months before it was released, we had already tested CatheLive and Cathe OnDemand on Windows 10 successfully. With the new Edge browser, it works quite well. A couple questions: First, are you using the new Edge browser, or the old version of Internet Explorer that remains...
  14. Curt Kapus

    Amazon FireTV

    Hello bonvivant. Right now, there is no way to watch Cathe OnDemand on FireTV. Since there is no web browser on the device (officially...if you are technically adept you can research how to install one) there is no way to get to our site. However, it is a distinct possibility that we will be...
  15. Curt Kapus

    Workout Blender - missing music on a specific chapter

    Hi tiletha444, we have fixed the files so they should work fine now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Curt Kapus

    Cathe On Demand and Amazon Fire

    Hi Roxysam. You are correct that Hulu, Netflix and others are applications written for the particular media boxes, but Fire TV employs Android-based apps, while Roku uses its own proprietary programming language for its apps. The two are not interchangeable and there is no way to take what we...
  17. Curt Kapus

    Cathe On Demand and Amazon Fire

    Hi Roxysam, Cathe OnDemand should work just fine on an Amazon Fire tablet using the built-in web browser, but if you are talking about Fire TV, at the moment there does not seem to be a viable method to view it on those devices. OnDemand requires a web browser, and searching on Amazon's Fire TV...
  18. Curt Kapus

    Workout Blender issue with Chromecast

    Hi, just to let you know we haven't forgotten about you and are still in the process of testing it out and attempting to recreate the issues. I'll let you know if we are able to accomplish it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Curt Kapus

    Workout Blender issue with Chromecast

    As an experiment, could you give me an example of chapters that you are lining up in your workout? I want to attempt to make things here as close to what you are having problems with to try to recreate the problem. I agree the phone might not be a good "test subject" but the tablet should be...
  20. Curt Kapus

    Workout Blender issue with Chromecast

    We have a Nexus 7 here in the office to test on and have not seen the problem, so here are some more questions for you so that we can help figure out what is going on: What version of Android are you using on the tablet or phone? The Nexus 7 originally shipped with a version of 4 (KitKat), and...