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  1. Connie1

    I need financial advice -- help!!

    sonja,I feel for you so much. it is happening to so many of us right now! even those who had a lot put away are coming to the end of their savings. I don't know what to tell you other than if you have a financial planner, call and let him / her know your situation and act fast if you need to...
  2. Connie1

    any jewelry makers here?

    Hi Leanne, The smoky smell is gone for now but it is still very hazy. Thanks for your compliments. What fantastic things you have made. I looked at your picturetrail. Wow! Step by Step Beads and also Bead and Button Magazine are well-respected sources of info. After beading a bit, I became...
  3. Connie1

    any jewelry makers here?

    I have not posted in a long time but I am an old Catheite. I make jewelry and have a website. It is On it, I have a links page. One of those links takes you to Urban Maille, a great place to start if you like to make metal (silver, gold) jewelry. Another great resource on my...
  4. Connie1

    What's up with the price of bedding?

    Nancy, Just like Carola and MadnNats Mom, I use to use a duvet cover until I discovered how much easier it is to use a top sheet. My DH is the same way, so I keep it untucked. Costco is a place I have found great prices and often (but not always) a-la-carte items (not in a set) and...
  5. Connie1

    Any jewelry makers here?

    Hi Susan! I need to take pictures of the earrings and necklaces. Right now I do have a few pieces on my website, Last night I soldered for the very first time!! Connie
  6. Connie1

    Any jewelry makers here?

    I have been making jewelry for about 5 years. Recently, in the past year, I have stepped it up. I am learning new techniques and business seems to be increasing. I am also a dental hygienist. I am only working in hygiene 3 days a week (that's one reason the jewelry is growing!) To anyone...
  7. Connie1

    bonding teeth??

    How long? First, check out what Darla said. Lots of dentists ignore perio (when I discovered that I was very surprised, shocked!) Dental hygienists, as opposed to periiodontists, treat perio disease without surgery. Sometimes surgery is the only way. But many cases fall into a gray area...
  8. Connie1


    Dear Mariah, Yes. That is just my opinion. But this is not your last week on earth. Save some of yourself for next week. It is possible that you have that much energy and need to channel it in a good way. I just know I would never recommend it to anyone if I didn't want to get sued...
  9. Connie1

    New DVD Replacement Update – Nov 7th

    Thank you so much. I noticed a freeze in one of the DVD's I previewed, about 20 seconds close to the beginning. I think it was LIC, but didn't write it down. I will preview again. Haven't previewed B&G yet. With much gratitude, Connie L.
  10. Connie1

    bonding teeth??

    Another way to fix it is with invisalign, invisible braces. You would have to wear a retainer when it is all done. After a while you only need to wear the retainer once a week or once a month. What you describe is called a diastema (pronounced dy AST ah ma)and diastemas relapse more than...
  11. Connie1

    Low Impact Circuit "Big Clip" is Now Up

    RE: Low Impact Circuit Wow. It played perfect the first time. I am using a Compaq Presario laptop new in 2004. Don't quite know all the specs. Windows XP, and I have a newly wiped disk with Windows reinstalled, and no other browser windows open. I have not been in a regular exercise...
  12. Connie1

    Any Home Security System Users Out There?

    We have something different. We have a system of cameras and a monitor that shows all views at once, sort of like the ones you see in commercial establishments. The ones they make now are wonderful and have some very nice features. We bought it at Costco (discount warehouse store). It's...
  13. Connie1

    Where to start to create a website?

    Bill is right, the best way is to do it yourself.
  14. Connie1


    Same thing happened to me as clothesminded. The name of the bug I had was Clostridium difficile. California is a red-flag state, my NP told me. She put me on metronidazole (Flagyl) and it cleared up. The symptoms went away gradually. Meanwhile I felt like I could have died. It was very...
  15. Connie1

    Book Recs for Depressed Individual

    I know some really good books. Nelson DeMille's books are very worth reading. They are full of action, excitement, psychological suspense, human nature, and a satisfying ending. They are full of faith and humor as well. They are positive yet realistic. Get your friend any one of DeMille's...
  16. Connie1

    House from hell - what to do (long)

    I want to know too.
  17. Connie1

    House from hell - what to do (long)

    Lorrie, I have emailed you privately with some valuable info. Connie L.
  18. Connie1

    The original IMAX

    The first step segment turns you away from the TV. That is the worst of it. It is really simple except for that very beginning turn. If you preview once before doing it, it is much more approachable.
  19. Connie1

    dvd for better posture

    Thank you Katherine I was just needing to hear that. I'm off to do some one-arm rows and rear delt flies. -Con.
  20. Connie1

    Getting back to cardio

    You are on a right track. Basic Step is very good. It has just a few subtle simplifiers that make it more attainable. Low Impact Step is another simpler one. Give yourself a chance to acclimate. Since you're new, you will notice the most rapid changes in the beginning. Enjoy!