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    ?? for Spinners

    I'm so excited. I love my new spin bike my DH got me for my Bday. It's a Bladez Velepro $699 reduced to $284. I would loved to have purchased a higher end....StarTrac or Lemond Revmaster, but I'm hoping this one will serve me well. It has a belt driven, 40 lb fly wheel and the seat and...
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    Homemade Yogurt Machine recommendations?

    This thread has me convinced I need a yogurt machine. How long does the homemade yogurt stay fresh? Dianne
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    x-Train 30 day undulating + Ride ?

    I've done the 30 day cardio + strength three times and love, love this rotation, but now I want to try the 30 day undulating + ride. I don't have a spin bike yet (hoping to get one for my b-day). What would be a good substitute for Ride? I have all of Cathe's workouts. TIA Dianne
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    Cathe and Suspension Training

    Ok. I'm just sitting here dreaming of what Cathe's next workouts will be! I know if she would do a suspension workout, she would take it to a whole new level of dynamic lower body and upper body work with unbelievable core work. She could incorporate it with her Turbo Tower to attach it or for...
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    Hip Thrusts on and Incline Bench

    Hi Atompki1 I am using an incline bench, but it would be the same as using your step on an incline. My incline bench is padded so it gives me more comfort. Using the incline, I have my butt on the floor with the barbell in the same position as if you are using the flat step with risers...
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    Hip Thrusts on and Incline Bench

    I've been doing the 100 Hip Thrust Challenge on and incline bench. It gives me more support for my neck that I have problems with. I'm not sure if using the incline bench diminishes the integrity of the exercise. I tried using the step with risers and the incline bench and it doesn't seem to...
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    Cathe Hard Strikes Fighting for Breast Cancer

    I got my pinkkkkk Everlast gloves and they are in respect to fighting Breast Cancer. At first when I saw the clips with the pink gloves, I thought oh those girly pink cute. I should have known that the pink was for breast cancer. After having a brush with breast cancer myself...
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    Does anyone have a remedy for stiff neck?

    Great advice from Melissa. Another thing that is really helpful is self-myofacial release with either a foam roller, tennis balls or pinky balls. I use a soft weighted exercise ball. You can look up some exercises on you tube to guide you. All I know is that using the balls to get in the...
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    Should I Keep Rip60

    Merry Christmas Everyone! I bought myself Rip 60 for a gift to myself for Christmas. It was discounted to $59.99, a real buy, but I'm not sure now if I will use it enough. I've been looking at reviews for the workouts and they don't have stellar reviews, but the suspension system does have...
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    Cathe Weighted Vest on sale at MC Sports

    I saw the Cathe Weighted Vest at MC Sports discounted to $ 9.99. Wow what a steal. I've had my vest for a while now and love, love it. Dianne
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    Pyramid Lower Body w Weighted Vest and Dumb Bells

    I tried Pyramid Lower Body w/ a weighted vest and absolutely love it! I always avoided the lower body workout because the barbell put stress on my lower back but using the vest and dumb bells reduces the stress on my back. This workout rocks! Also, one of my favorites premixes is the bonus...
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    New Hair Style?

    I'm with you Fit44. I also cut my hair into a cute bob and loved the look for a while, but not being able to tie it back into a ponytail while working out drove me crazy. I'll be 60 next Oct and I still have long hair. It's about to the top of my don't laugh, it's not that...
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    RIP 60

    If I've been a good girl, I'm hoping for a suspension trainer from Santa. The TRX is the most highly regarded and I've seen the Jungle Gym by Lifeline. Yesterday at Walmart they had RIP 60. It's pricing is calling to me; especially since it has the workout dvd's that come with it. Does...
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    Life Cycle vs Spin Bike

    I'm so excited to receive the new low impact series. I have a Life Cycle that has given me some great workouts, but can't wait for Cycle Max. Do you think I can adapt the Life Cycle for this workout? I'm not sure at this time on spending money on a spin bike. Dianne
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    Banslug (Gayle)!! Food Steamer report!

    Has anyone steamed rice in the Oster steamer? Kohl's has a sale tomorrow for the Oster Rice Cooker for $9.99. That might be with a rebate. But if the Oster Steamer can cook rice, maybe that would be a better buy, since you can use it for other foods. Kohl's has the steamer for $42.99 on sale...
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    Professional spray tan?

    After spending too much time in the tanning beds, I've opt to go the spray tan route to save my skin from more damage. The plus side of Mystic Tan is that you don't have to expose yourself to someone spraying you by hand. Our business is in Commercial Painting. We have a professsional paint...
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    Chilled Avocado Salad

    I'm trying this recipe tonight. Chilled Avocado Salad 1/4 c olive oil 2 T rice wine vinegar 1/4 t salt 1/4 t cumin 1/4 t oregano 1 avocado, pitted, peeled and cut into bite size pieces 1 c cooked brown rice, cooled 1/2 c black beans 1 large Roma tomato, seeded and diced 1 green...
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    Treadmill Alternative?

    Greetings Everybody! Does anyone run on a rebounder? My treadmill kicked the bucket and with spring coming soon I really don't want to invest in another treadmill right now. I put it up on my step for an incline to try running for part of my cardio and also at the level position. How...
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    Very Sad Day

    Losing our loved ones is the hardest thing in life. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Dianne
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    Prayer Request

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted. Dianne