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    The Boys

    The answer to this question may be in here somewhere, I don't know where to look. Cathe, you used to post pictures of your beautiful boys around Christmas time. I haven't been here for awhile, but I wondered if you still do that? How old are they boys now - I have lost track of time :-))
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    I have been out of this site loop for quite a while now due to illness. I wanted to know if there will be a Cathe workout calendar produced for 2010? (Oh, I hope so)
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    My grandma passed away...

    Can You Stand Another Hug? You were so lucky to have had this wonderful woman in your life. She is lucky to have had a granddaughter who loved her so much. No wonder your son is the lovely person he is.. Condolences, Donna
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    Cone Biopsy of the Cervix??

    Laurie My step-daughter has endured this whole experience that you are going through. Two years later, she is fine and no further complications or treatment. Try very hard not to worry too much. This is fairly routine. I don't want to minimize this in any way.. it is a scary thing to go...
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    Help! my arms are too bulky!!!

    Separates? Is it possible for you to buy your business suits as separates? I used to have to buy my suits this way - a size larger for the shoulder bicep accommodation and a smaller size for the skirts and pants.
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    Wedding video review?

    Oh, my all time favorite comeback tape. I've been on and off workouts for over six months because of extenuating circumstances beyond my control. However, I am a free bird (read retired) as of January 16th. I plan to hit the fitness trail again with a vengance and I will begin with GISFYW...
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    I've been around here and VF for a long time and I don't recall there being a fee to attend the Cathe Road Trip. Can someone explain the reason for the $159.99 fee to attend a two day session?
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    Has the cost always been that high to attend a Cathe Road Trip? I've been here and on VF since 1996 (give or take) and I don't remember there being a charge to attend the classes and road trip. Some clarification please... Please excuse the double post... computer has been wonky all day.
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    Beware of Nutrasweet and Equal

    Splenda I appreciate having the benefit of your research. Because of that, I would like to know what your take on Splenda is? I understand it to be a highly concentrated sugar type product. Is that accurate? Thanks for any input and information (anyone?) has on this product. I gave...
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    I would like to know how old Pat is from the Pure Strength series. She is fabulous! Any guesses? DM
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    What does everyone do for work?

    :D First of all, may I start by saying, stay-at-home Mom's have the toughest and luckiest jobs of all. It's such a luxury to be able to be with your kids 24/7. They will thrive - you will benefit. I was lucky enough be be able to stay home until my son was in the second grade. Then I took a...
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    Anyone here over 40?

    Perimenopause is womanspeak for just before the real thing (menopause :D) Lots of symptoms begin to appear. Difficulty sleeping, irregular periods, etc. DM
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    Anyone here over 40?

    Hi...late to the party, but I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over 40 and still doing Cathe regularly. She is primarily the reason for my stamina. I just turned 58 last month. I work out with intensity 6 days a week although I have modified as needed. I'm a junkie but not a stupid one. If...
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    Husband Giving Me Unwanted Advice; help

    My husband is disputing my workout schedule. He has suggested I should be doing nothing but aerobics for weight loss. He is a 30 year gym rat and in really good shape. I tried to explain some of the excellent information I have received here over the last 5 or 6 years stating that aerobic...
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    Gin Miller's new step workout

    How does it compare with "Intense Moves" for those who own both? I'm totally in love with "Intense Moves" so I am curious. Let me know what you think.... :7
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    help for saddlebags

    This may not be a very popular answer, but if you are working out and eating right, you may be a candidate for liposuction. This is probably an unpopular answer and I understand if I take a beating for it. But the reality of it is, you want to look as good as you feel...
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    How much alcohal?

    What's a 4 oz glass of wine, bwahahaha. There is a restaurant here (I won't name names) that serves this humungous bowl glass of wine with their meals. I love my wine but I'll never order wine in there goes unfinished - can't do it - have to cart me out in a wheelbarrel }( All...
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    help for eating disorder recovery wonderful of you to feel such trust in Cathe and the rest of us to share your recovery story with us. I am in awe of your recovery and hope you continue to find the courage to move forward. Obviously, I am not Cathe and don't have one iota of her knowledge and education...
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    Can't do step without hurting myself

    I'd like to address the question about modifying Cathe's step aerobics to floor moves. I have done it with Get In Shape For Your Wedding and the aerobic section of MIC. I was out of energy after a long day at the office but I still wanted to feel like I had done something for myself. Give it...
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    Next series

    I really loved your MIC/MIS and Pure Strength Series. I like the slow and heavy as well as your pyramid series but the workouts in sentence number one are just my personal all time favorites. My vote is for another series like those two. Anybody with me on that? :7