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    Most viewed Cathe Live workout?

    Thanks Debinmi. I would also love to hear your own favorites.
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    Most viewed Cathe Live workout?

    We need some updates to this llist:) I am new to Cathe Live and so far I loved everything I tried. But what stood out most were #268 Fit Tower Bootcamp #303 Bootcamp: Heavy Weights #182: Fit Tower: Tone & Tighten #309: Push Pull Total Body: Heavy Weights
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    Cathe and Jenn A each doing a glute bridge in the STS Lower Body #2 workout

    Agreed. I gather they are also better for growing glute muscles without growing quads which is what prefer.
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    We've Now Finished The Filming Of STS Muscle & Recovery!

    Yess!! Foam rollers! Thank you so much Cathe! The whole series look fantastic, and I am super excited. I had three wishes for upcoming videos, two down (barbell hip thrusts and foam rollers) and one to go (TRX or some other suspension training system workouts for a long term travel rotation).
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    STS Muscle & Recovery - First Pic!

    So happy to see barbell hip thrusts.
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    August Rotation

    Thank you Linda. That's what I thought too. I will do what you suggest.
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    August Rotation

    I read raving reviews of this rotation on these forums. It was probably the precursor of the Rock Bottom June 2006 rotation. I did all four of the Rock Bottom rotations and am excited to try this now. I am confused however about Week 4 having two upper body workouts in a row: Mon….Body Max...
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    Cathe Barbell Pad Comes In Orange or Black

    I hope that this means there will be some hip thrusts and/or barbell glute bridges in the upcoming series.
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    About My New Workout Series

    Thanks so much Cathe for the update and everything you do. I am so excited about the new series and cannot wait. I know I will love it no matter how you design it but I would love it all the more if it contained -- barbell hip thrusts/glute bridges for lower body (I love the Xtrain bonus, but...
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    Calling the Virtual Road Trippers ....

    Seeing her live (she is such an inspiration to me) and hearing her say my name (which is not easy to pronounce) during one of the classes -- made me feel like a celebrity:) It was my first ever RT and I thought the program was well designed with kickboxing and stretch on Friday, UB, bootcamp...
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    Exclusively Weights

    She said it will be something between Xtrain and STS, closer to STS meso 2 and 3. She is thinking of having 3 sets of 4, with each set being a different split. She is planning to have the workouts in the 45 minute range and there will also be recovery/mobility videos. The title will might be...
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    Exclusively Weights

    Yes, indeed. She announced it during the RT.
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    Exclusively Weights

    Well, the good news is the next series will indeed be exclusively weights! Cannot wait. I hope the stretch segments will have foam rolling too.
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    FEB 2011 Rock Bottoms Rotation

    I completed the other three Rock Bottoms rotations (2006, 2013 and 2021) and I am now in week 1 of this rotation. Unlike the other RB rotations, this one has many doubles and I am excited about pushing myself harder. I wonder however about the lack 48 hours of rest. I gather it is not a number...
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    TRX suspension training

    I am so excited about the new band videos and ordered the bundle with everything. And I would be equally excited about suspension training videos. I don’t have one at the moment but am planning to buy a TRX system. If Cathe creates a bundle with a suspension system, it would be all the more...
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    Cathe, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Yes. Get well soon.
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads

    I am trying to order the $69.97 bundle but it appears that "free shipping for over $50" does not apply to this pre-order, is that correct?
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    new series in the works????

    She is the other Jen who also appears in Perfect 30.
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    It seems like an exciting video is coming soon: Cannot wait.
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    Workout Manager missing Fit Tower / Ripped with HiiT / Strong and Sweaty 30 Day Rotation

    This is the rotation I was asking about. Still wondering if there is a way to download it.