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  1. Jenne

    Former Cathlete

    I am a long-time Cathlete also returning to the fold! I decided that it would be worth it to get Cathe On Demand. When I'm easing back into the workouts, I have strategies like using lighter weights AND only doing every other rep. And I'm focusing more on weights than cardio right now. One...
  2. Jenne

    No Nutrition Programs?

    I'm glad you have this philosophy. It makes me feel welcome as a person who does not eat a standard diet.
  3. Jenne

    Coming back to Houston?

    I'm back to the forums after picking up my life and family and moving to Texas, so I just NOW found out that you were only 30 miles from my house in October!! I hope the event was extremely successful and that you will be coming back to the Houston area?!! Having been a fan since 1997, I can...
  4. Jenne

    Just started STS - should I do 3-month or 6-month rotation?

    I'm sticking with an STS rotation for my first time. I'm just doing one disc every other day. I hope I'll be able to do real push-ups by the end of the third series!
  5. Jenne

    Anyone get their's yet???!!!

    I got mine today! Ordered last January. I've already previewed Disc 1 and done the testing for that one. I think I'm going to love this series!
  6. Jenne

    Can I Do 1RM as I go?

    I'm going to do it that way-- testing for the upcoming week on the weekend. Just doing the testing is a pretty good workout! It was fun putting in the numbers online and watching the averages change as other people did the same.
  7. Jenne

    Wanted to share my one year pics! 35 lbs. lost!

    Those pictures are great! I hope I'll get to post similar pictures next year! I'm doing eDiets, but I'm going to check out that BFFM site right now.
  8. Jenne

    Reminder: Supersize She

    I watched it too. Her parents even indicated she was doing drugs... and at one point, it sounded like she challenged people to follow her weight-lifting routine and look like her without drugs. I was also bothered by her voice. What's worse is that she should not have won that GNC...
  9. Jenne

    How would you feel?

    I don't think it would bother me, and I'm about 50-65 pounds over where I'd like to be. However, a lot of it would depend on the vibes I pick up. If I get vibes that someone thinks I look gross, I probably wouldn't stick around, but if they treat me like a person, I'm fine. (I prefer fit...
  10. Jenne

    Am I too strict a parent version 2

    My 16-year-old son crashed into a wall when he was about seven and we're convinced the helmet saved him. It was cracked into nine pieces. Ever since then, it has been no problem getting him to wear the helmet. DS9 is also cooperative, because he knows the helmet story as well. I wish we had...
  11. Jenne

    Speaking of annoying comments...

    Hi Autumn! I do know about funny jokes/ comments.... I have red hair and people still comment about it! Including mean comments, for some reason. I am sorry people get nasty. Sometimes I can have a Pollyanna-ish view of other people and forget that not everyone is nice.
  12. Jenne

    Speaking of annoying comments...

    I feel the same way. I don't make those kinds of comments because I'm not especially afraid of getting my blood drawn (I have the kind of veins that people call other people over to see because they're so fat and juicy.) However, I have friends who are terrified of needles, and they would say...
  13. Jenne

    How did you progress to Cathe?

    For me, it went: Step Reebok/ Reebok Power Step/ Aerostep/ Circuit Challenge (1993) (Kathy Smith's Pregnancy Tape) (1995) Firm Vol 1/Vol 2/ Vol 3 (1996) Firm Cardio/Weight and Tortoise/Hare (1997) Cathe Step Jam (1998) Body Max CTX (preordered) Gin Miller's Intense Moves/ Cathe's MIC/...
  14. Jenne

    My son was lost in the wilderness (but he's okay)

    What a happy ending! What an amazing boy! I was in tears reading this. I was offline yesterday, so this is the first chance I've had to read this. I hope you enjoyed your workout yesterday and I hope Alex enjoys the rest of his adventure.
  15. Jenne

    cathe- premixes

    Another Yes for Premixes I also hope you include at least some premixes in the Hardcore series. I have already pre-ordered, so I'm committed either way, but I love the premixes! I use the premixes almost more than I use the workout-as-designed, and I especially love them when I have a limited...
  16. Jenne

    Quick poll to mothers of daughters

    I never said that my sons strut around half-dressed and wearing clothes that are too big for them. My sons do not show their underwear either. My sons wear shirts in public. My sons do not have a double standard for themselves and for their girlfriends. They believe that underwear stays...
  17. Jenne

    SNM - Please read - ?re: username/email address relationship

    Rhiannon, you can change your email in the "user menu," from the top menu (below the graphic menu) on the forum main page. Choose "edit account information" and it will give you the option to change your email address. (Sorry I'm not SNM, but I hope this helps.)
  18. Jenne

    Anyone do a BC rotation?

    It is tough! I've been doing it 2-3 times a week for a little less than a month, and just last night I was able to do all of the squat-thrust-climbers. (I did miss one because I was laughing at Cathe, who says "notice I'm not saying much" and then proceeds to talk all the way to the end of the...
  19. Jenne

    Quick poll to mothers of daughters

    Another Mom of Boys I feel bad responding since you asked moms of daughters, but I have two boys and I have to say that if I had a daughter, I would say "no" to visible thongs. I would probably allow her to wear them if they were under her clothes and if she bought them with her own money, but...
  20. Jenne

    Why is it that heavier people are so critical????

    The point of this thread is right in the title. "Heavier people" are "so critical." There are at least two references in this thread to "taking care of" oneself and at least one reference to "they could lose weight if they tried hard enough." And there are many references on this board to...