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  1. J

    Dark Knight (No Spoilers!)

    I saw it last night and thought it was very good, but not great. It was a bit longer than necessary. That just gets on my nerves when things are drawn out too much. That's why I don't like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so much. Oh, and FWIW - I thought The Scarecrow was scarier than...
  2. J

    So, what's your new name?

    Just Donna Was gonna make it "Formerly Known as dss62467" but figured it would be a pain for logging in.:p
  3. J

    Hey! dss62467 is now Just Donna

    It's actually my MySpace name. I used it in response to my annoyance with people's dumb names like "luscious laura" or "sexy sherry". I'm Just Donna!
  4. J

    Hey! dss62467 is now Just Donna

    The email password reset thing never showed at my doorstep and I couldn't get the User CP until I was logged in. I wanted to change that stupid user name anyway. Really - dss62467? How lame is that? So hi everyone. Just Donna! is my MySpace name too, in case you want to look me up over...