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    Upper body recommendation (during lower body injury)

    I do the same thing. I have anterior ankle weakness from an ankle injury five years ago. I wore unsupportive shoes for a week while walking a lot at work. This caused my ankle to give away and all of my toes bent backwards and are severely bruised/overstretched. The day after the injury i mapped...
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    To taller Cathletes!

    I am 5ft10 and besides some cardio moves, push ups and pull ups seem harder for me than for my shorter counterparts.
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    Advice on treadmill belt width.

    Mine is 20 inches wide. I am tall, so I love the extra room.
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    How do I jump again

    After a severe left ankle sprain and a broken 4th metatarsal, I lost the ability to jump on the left leg. I cannot do the power-up jumps while stepping or jump on one foot. I can jump with two feet but I do not know how to start jumping even a little bit on the left side. Any ideas?
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    I am so HUNGRY!!

    Add some good carbs such as a piece of fruit, whole grain English muffin, etc. Carbs are not the enemy. The processed stuff we call food is what messes our bodies up.
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    Cathe Compendium 2017

    Thank you so much, firmbeliever. Your compendiums are a valuable resource when looking for a specific type or length of a workout.
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    Burned Out......[emoji16]

    I would take a break from working out - but only if you want to. Movement is so important for your health. Change from 'I have to workout today" to "I want to workout today" and change your work outs from high intensity to workouts that recharge your body and mind. Leslie Sansone's 20 minutes...
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    Nutrition Certification

    I am currently working on the Sports Nutrition Specialist certification from National Council on Strength & Fitness. So far, I am happy with the information the course offers.
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    What's your go to low key Cathe dvd?

    I like High Step Circuit as a recovery workout with 8, 10, and 12 lbs dumbbells.
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    Plastic Steam Veggie Bags?

    I do the same thing.
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    No time to workout

    dgmon: been there, done that - it will get better. You do not have to do exercise videos to stay in shape. Put the little ones in a stroller and take a walk or take the kids to a park where you and the toddler can run around freely chasing a ball. It is a lot of physical labor carrying the baby...
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    question about healthy produce

    Ditto! Organic foods are a huge industry and the science is still out if they are any better than traditional foods. Even a regular apple in your diet is much better than no apple. The Internet is full of pseudo-science and opinions are stated as facts.
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    Scale is not budging!

    You should keep a food journal. I always thought I am at my set point weight and my body loves to be at that weight. However, then I started tracking my calories and I realized my current weight is the cause of eating on average 3400 calories a day. I started with a body weight of 170 lbs and...
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    Nutribullet Cleanup? Can I just rinse and put the Nutribullet into the dishwasher? I want something dishwasher safe with easy assembly.
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    Workout room flooring suggestions?

    I just replaced my foam puzzle mats with anti-fatigue interlocking rubber mats from Lowes. They Shop Blue Hawk 36-in x 36-in Rubber Door Mat at are more comfortable on my joints that the foam mats ever were. Additionally, I like these mats better for step and a heavy punching bag...
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    Low Carb-High Fat

    If you add fat and/or protein to food with a high GI, it lowers the GI. Potatoes with butter have a lower GI than a plain potato, the same goes for a slice of bread with butter and slices of turkey (note that I am not talking about the typical american sandwich bread - I am talking about natural...
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    Low Carb-High Fat

    I still believe, in the long run, a balanced diet which does not excludes any food group is the way to go. One cannot ignore the science of how our teeth and our digestive system are designed to process ALL food groups. - Now, highly processed human foods are a different matter - but there is...
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    College Nutrition Classes is offering soon two college level classes in nutrition: "Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health", which is hosted by the Univ. of Pittsburg and starts June 16 and "The Meat we Eat," which is hosted by the University of Florida and starts June 23. I have just finished their...
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    Low Carb-High Fat

    Yep - HFCS and the flavor enhancers the industry is putting in our foods are highly addictive. But the addictive nature of the processed foods is not the only reason for our obesity problem: Additionally, the serving sizes, the big plates and glasses are reasons for our weight gain. When is the...
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    Low Carb-High Fat

    I eat a lot less when I eat full fats, too. One is not tempted to eat junk when you had a satisfying whole foods meal. Eating processed foods is one of the greatest risk factors for chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Many mental illnesses can be traced to chemical imbalances...