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    Rockout Knockout Heavy Bag bonus

    I don't like those with the gloves on either. Very awkward.
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    Problems with X10 series dvds?

    I wrote to customer service about my Flextrain DVD freezing and they haven't responded yet, only with the automated message that they would get back to me:( I, too, hadn't used the DVDs for a bit and then found it wasn't working QUOTE=tralaiven;2230947]Hi! I am just wondering if anyone...
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    Carbs cycling Nutrition/Diet

    Thanks for the link to the Vegan body building article. I am not a vegan, but have been struggling with weight gain due to having knee issues the last few months. It has really stalled my exercise program, but I'm trying to make headway. I was ready to post about saying "HELP!" what do I...
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    Can anyone recommend a moisurizing lipstick?

    I haven't bought it for a while, but I like to wear lipstick and i like Lancome lipstick - you can get it at Macy's cosmetic area - there is a moisturing lipstick and it really makes your lips feel nice. I think the lipsticks cost $18.50.
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    Losing 10 kg in a month

    Stebby - Thanks for posting the Calorie Coach link. I just checked him out and like what I read. I had heard of him before, but definitely bookmarked him this time. I have been steadily climbing up in weight and have been frustrated! I'm 51 and the weight is not coming off as easily. Even...
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    Do you have a weighted vest? That would work perfect I think
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    That's okay - I'm in kind of the same boat! Haven't done the STS in a while, but love the structure it gives me and I end up seeing results by 3rd week of STS #2. I tried once starting the STS Meso #2 and ended up hurting myself, so... back to Disc 1, yes, with all the pushups. I did it...
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    Is it bad when....

    I can't seem to stick to any rotation, except the STS series. I sometimes follow a routine, then just switch it up with something I feel like doing. I always feel guilty when the rotation looks great, but I don't have the stamina for it..or I don't sleep well the night before, or whatever...
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    Rave: Bob Harper

    Great link to Bob's site (been there before). Only $3.99/dvd or go to Target like you say. I just have to sneak 'em in the house - LOL! Just bought some Sun Warrior Protein Powder so...have to pay for that first.
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    Great thrift store fitness finds????.?

    Awesome! What a great savings! I love getting those deals. I once found a complete step bench at a garage sale so now I can do the step ups with four risers so I didnt have to buy a high step. I also found a large mirror for like $10 so I can do my workouts in them. :cool:
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    When my battery ran out, I tried finding one at Walmart - they didnt have the right one. So, I went to Amazon and got a few mailed for a few bucks. Gotta love Amazon! Not hard to change a battery...:rolleyes:
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    Not everyone is 5'2" - or physics matters.

    I agree about the fast twitch muscles comment. Cathe also talks about that. I don't doubt that the 5'8 people can't move as quick as shorter people, however, I think Cathe just has those faster twitch muscles. Most of the time I can keep up with her, and I'm pretty fit (not as fit as her)...
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    appetite control..

    These recipes do look good - very similar to what I make, just not always keeping the protein powder on hand. I'm always afraid maybe I'm getting too much protein. But, I do agree PROTEIN FILLS YOU UP!!:rolleyes:
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    Neck muscle pull

    Thanks for the feedback - yes I think it will take some time to heal. I saw where it could take up to 6 weeks, but I don't think it will be that bad. I am going to start back with weights (because I'm stubborn and want to do the April rotation). I think I will avoid the overhead shoulder...
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    Neck muscle pull

    I pulled some neck and shoulder muscle trying to do 15lb overhead shoulder press. My left side suffers because its weaker. I have put heating pad on it, hot tub'd, massaged it myself and been to the chiro. He helped but I haven't gone back. I have had to really lay off the weights because it...
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    I only got Volume 1 and was bummed about the fact her body bar is only 9 lbs. I think. Mine is 18. So I substituted a 7-8 lb weight for the exercises in a plank position. For the exercise you sit on the step and put the weight over your feet and lift - I did 5 lb. only and couldnt do them all...
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    Pedal Power DVD Request!

    Thanks! Its good to know I'm not alone! I will keep trying because it is good workout for sure. I just did the whole Tabatacise yesterday and of course, my heart rate is up. I just took a few seconds longer to catch my breath since my heart rate was at 171-173 and you can't START the next...
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    Ready to Make Some Changes...

    Wow - I am so impressed by your immediate action!! Good for you! Two more things as I think about them. I learned about Tosca Reno on this forum - check her out - she is the Queen of "Clean Eating". She's a little extreme - no one can be that good. LOL. But, alot of what she says is very...
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    Ready to Make Some Changes...

    Pam - You came to the right place - we all love working out with Cathe because she makes us feel awesome! Who wouldn't - trying to keep up with her? My advice (take it or leave it) is to: 1) do her workouts (or others) - as soon as you are done doing it - I bet you're going to say - wow! I...