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    The Pre-Order link is now working

    If I got an email confirmation, I can be sure it went through, right? :9 Leslie
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    Puzzle Mats Bunching Up?

    Hi, I bought a lot of them and made sure it hit the wall on one side and wedged the other under the sofa. I know, what a pain!!! I am now looking into the Gerstung Action Platform, anyone try it? Leslie
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    Gerstung airbase flooring?

    I was looking at their flooring,anyone try it? Leslie
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    Cathe,Leg Work with New Series?

    Hi Cathe, Could you tell me which of the New Series has the least amount of leg work, I want to do them all in a weekly rotation so I would need to do Butt & Gutt the day after one of them. Thanks.... Leslie
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    SNM???? What number did you get up to today? I want to know if I still have a chance for delivery before this weekend. Thanks Leslie
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    Pull Ups

    Hi Cathe, Can you tell me how many pull ups you can do? I got a pull up bar a while back and I started with 5 and can now do 20. What exercises I can do to up my reps? Thanks, Leslie
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    Oprah's Bootcamp

    Hi, I looked on the web site but can't figure out the routine: How do you workout 6 days a week with weights? Unless we alternate from upper & Lower body. Then add 2 days of circuit? Could someone show me how this would look? Thanks in advance! Leslie
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    2 Wks of P90X - Comments and Questions

    Hi Susan, Thanks for the review and please make sure you keep us posted with your results. Leslie
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    Re: Different definition in arms?

    Hi Cathe, I would also like to know why! Thanks, Leslie
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    Body Blast rotation please

    I'm hoping this will be the Dec. Rotation! Leslie:)
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    I got to order the DVD's!

    Cindee I know how you feel! Getting new workouts keeps things so fresh! I am so motivated to get the new dvd's also! Leslie
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    New Footage?

    >I want to see YOU do one handed push-ups like Cathe! LOL LOL......................... Wow, I don't know how I missed those! Thanks for the links! PS, If Cathe has anymore tidbits while we are waiting....LOL:9
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    New Footage?

    Hi Cathe, Could you gives us some info on the Blast DVD. Was there really new footage taped just for DVD? Thanks, Leslie
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    Any idea when the dvd's will ship?

    You are right! I am just so waiting for those new workouts :-)
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    Any idea when the dvd's will ship?

    We are only so anxious to get our new workouts! Leslie
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    Body Blast DVD Update....Timesaver

    "Bonus Timesaver Footage" Could you tell us more about this? Thanks, Leslie :-)
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    SNM - Any Updates?

    >There wont be any updates until after we're finished >filming. Does that mean we will not know about the filming until it its over? :-(
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    Summer Is Here!

    Hi Cathe! Just wondering(and anxious) when taping will start :-)
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    New Video Clarification

    Hi Cathe, I love getting a set of your videos &/or DVD's that can be done all together in a specific rotation. that is why the Intensity series and CTX are such favorites with me. Please make this set to fit into a weekly schedule! I would love Hi/lo, Kick, Step and a Circuit Weight training...
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    Imax 2 DVD times breakdown

    Thanks Nadine!!!!:-)