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  1. nikkigiovanni

    Am I the only one who watches the introductions over and over?

    I have never watched the introductions in all the 14 years that I've been doing her workouts. I didn't even notice that they were omitted from her latest workouts.
  2. nikkigiovanni

    Log Book

    Do you use the workout manager on Cathe's site? That's what I use to do all those things that you mentioned you would like to do.
  3. nikkigiovanni

    Collage Video going out of business

    I didn't get a refund at all. Instead, they sent two videos that I didn't order as replacements. I contacted them and they said that they would issue a refund. So I got 2 of the 4 videos I ordered.
  4. nikkigiovanni

    Back At It

    I agree with this. Doing too much can do more harm than good, especially so soon after having a baby and by c-section.
  5. nikkigiovanni

    Suggestions for Kickboxing???

    Turbofire workouts are a lot of fun. They are my favorite kickbox workouts.
  6. nikkigiovanni

    Shorter Total Body Strength Workouts

    Cathe, I would love it if you created a strength training DVD similar in concept to the X10 DVD, but with five total body strength workouts that are each about 30 min in length. Something like Total Body Sculpting, but with more challenging weights is close to what I have in mind or something...
  7. nikkigiovanni

    Hip-hop repeater!!!

    I don't think it's as hard as 4DS. It took me a lot longer to to be able to follow 4DS. I think the difficulty level of the choreography may be about the same as Step Moves.
  8. nikkigiovanni

    Meso3 - What method did you choose? Squat Rack or STS Plyos

    Same here. I did both last year and I really liked doing things that way. I also love Cardio Leg Blast.
  9. nikkigiovanni

    Hip-hop repeater!!!

    I love the hip-hop repeater! So much fun!
  10. nikkigiovanni

    Avoiding Muscle breakdown/Catabolism - What are your thoughts?

    I agree with this. Another little tidbit of information that's usually excluded from these reports is that as your fitness level improves, your body produces less stress hormone in response to exercise which is how exercise protects the body from stress and helps the body to become better able...
  11. nikkigiovanni

    Avoiding Muscle breakdown/Catabolism - What are your thoughts?

    I do long cardio workouts often because I really enjoy them. The key to preventing high levels of cortisol and muscle catabolism is eating a diet that's sufficient in calories and carbs. You can use the workout manager to find out how many calories you should be eating daily and try to stay...
  12. nikkigiovanni

    X10 X77

    I did X77 yesterday and loved it! It was definitely challenging and breath taking, but I enjoyed the challenge, plus I burned a ton of calories. I really like how it's sequenced. To me, X10 step is the most intense segment so I was glad to get that one done first, then it's followed by the...
  13. nikkigiovanni

    Rhythmic Step, Step Blast, Step Heat or Step Fit?

    This is very true. I didn't stop until I had them all.
  14. nikkigiovanni

    Party Rockin Step 1 and 2

    Same here. Ten years ago, I was looking for advanced step videos and found Cathe. Step workouts are my favorite, but I love all of her other workouts too. I did PRS #2 Extreme yesterday and loved it. I felt like I was in step heaven :-)
  15. nikkigiovanni

    A song comes on the radio...

    I heard Buttercup (from Cardio & Weights) in the grocery store once and started singing while wishing I was at home stepping.
  16. nikkigiovanni

    XTrain Cardio Leg Blast vs Lower Body Blast

    I love both workouts! Lower Body Blast is probably my favorite leg workout. LBB is similar to Cardio Leg Blast, but not the same. CLB alternates 1 cardio round with 1 strength round throughout the workout, but LBB does several lower body exercises before doing a cardio segment. There's not as...
  17. nikkigiovanni

    Surprised when reading dvd reviews

    I wasn't saying at all that anyone who doesn't like her workouts are haters. I was speaking specifically about someone who made a comment about Cathe's appearance and other comments that seemed more rude than just stating what they don't like about the workout. I have been doing Cathe's workouts...
  18. nikkigiovanni

    If Cathe made an STS 2...

    Hi Nckfitheart2009! That's exactly what I'm planning to do. In my comment, I mentioned that I'll be doing some total body endurance workouts during mesos 2 & 3. I'll be doing the STS workouts on Mon, Tues, & Thurs and then a total body endurance workout on Sat. Thanks
  19. nikkigiovanni

    If Cathe made an STS 2...

    Also, I'd love it if there's an option for an undilated rotation in an STS2 program. Last year, I did STS for the first time and after 10 weeks of not doing endurance weight work (during meso 2 & 3), I noticed that my muscle endurance had declined some and that really bothered me. I realize...