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    Whoa! IS THIS TRUE????

    Makes sense, must be because 'Epoch Time' began January 1, 1970. It's used in UNIX and other operationg systems......dont' know what other ones. If you feel like learning more, As an aside, I once saw a server that thought it had been up and...
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    Question for Road Bikers - what do you ride?

    ummm, silly question I asked. Of course you do, given your name! :)
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    Question for Road Bikers - what do you ride?

    Thanks for the reply Meowracer! Looks like you have a lovely bike. I had not heard of Orbea's, but I had a look at found a couple dealers by me, and I'll stop by tomorrow. THey look like wonderful bikes, and I can't wait. I tried to get there today but messed up directions and didn't get there...
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    Question for Road Bikers - what do you ride?

    Hello Everyone! I know there are some people around here that bike, and it seems I'm getting more and more into it and my boyfriend and I are making a committment to continue with this to stay fit and healthy together. We did the MS 150 in MN together this year, and will do it again next year...
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    Best Wedding Entrance Ever!

    What a great celebratgion of life, love, friends and family! THAT'S what it's all about!
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    What I learned (warning, long!)

    Wow! I think that is wonderful! You are a very strong, a very mentally strong person. I agree with your assessment about the mental challenges - in something like this and really, in everything in life. I battle with positive thoughts (see, I just phrased it in a combative, negative way!)...
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    What to do with Cherry Butter?

    I came back from the beautiful Door Peninsula in WI with a jar of cherry butter; it's pretty large. Does anyone have any ideas what to do with cherry butter, aside from a spread on (gasp!) breads?
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    Bike Ride for MS

    Hello, Not so long ago there was a post about auto-immune disease, so I thought I'd share that this weekend my bf and I did the MS 150 in Minnesota - a 150-mile bike ride that benefits the Minnesota Chapter of MS. Together we raised over $2,000 for the cause. I have a co-worker with MS...
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    Thanks guys for the suggestion so far. I had checked out both Spinnervals and CTS VERY briefly this morning and did not see any audio-only product; however, I did read that there is free sound-extracting software so I'll just have to decide how much I want to spend, and where I want to spend...
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    Hello everyone, It's time for me to start training for my 150 mile bike ride in June. Does anyone have or know of any good/worthwile spin podcasts or mp3's? I do not have a spin bike at home, but I'm going to check with my gym to see if I'd be allowed to use the spin bikes when know classes...
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    Who's your biggest crush right now?

    my boyfriend But I did tell somoene I'd leave him for George Clooney
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    No, they just don't "get it" huh?

    I showed the online clip of Butts and Guts to a friend, male, who I work with to show him and when I told him I did that video a week later he said "oh, you mean the "just in case you're not dead yet, there's more to do video? " hehe
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    SNM- One-Rep Max Tutorial?

    Thank you very much, Cathe. concern is not knowing all the exercises. :( I'm hoping the tutorial will have links/descriptions of them. I guess I could get busy looking some of them up! Honestly, I didn't look at all the blog pictures until yetsterday, and I'm excited about the...
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    Do I have to find my 1 rep max?

    In my a fat person......people do not laugh, snicker or look down at you in the gym. Some just ignore you, cause they are there to work out; some glance your way, because peopel (like me) are curious and are always looking at their surroundings. In my a...
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    Dear Cathe, And others who might feel like chiming in :) Currently I only have dumbells, from 5 lbs to 35 lbs and am limited in workout room. I will be ordering STS tomorrow. 1) Do you think there'd be a great enough benefit to having a barbell in addidtion to the dumbbells, in the...
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    Is anyone NOT ordering STS?

    I'll very likely order them today or tomorrow, after having peeked at my bank account and seeing it's not as low as I thought. I doubt I'll use them in a strictly 12-week least at first, because I'm not quite sure what my fitness goals will be for '09 (i.e, thinking about...
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    Career and children – need your thoughts (REALLY long)

    Wow, you are in a very tough situation. I've stayed at home with my kids and, when they were older, went out and started career. I'll echo that the MOST IMPORTANT thing you'll do is raise healthy and happy kids. :) Of course, with a background in psychology, you could also make a...
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    Women on the Pill Choose Men Poorly! my case, the pill saved me from my own bad judgement. Met guy, got on pill, had kids together = BAD BAD BAD after divorce..... got on pill again, met guy = HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY + A KEEPER! i'm insanely attracted to him and his smell too! celestial times..good luck to you are...
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    Gym Style DVD's

    I pause all the time......but I suppose we all could go without pausing IF WE WERE WILLING TO LOWER OUR WEIGHTS SUFFICIENTLY. I'm just not, too stubborn. hehe.
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    Cathe, ? for you on your weight selection..

    Jerry, out of curiousity, what weights DOES she use on the overhead presses in slow and heavy? I finished 4 weeks of slow and heavy about 3 weeks ago and will do another 3 or 4 in September. I just looked back at my spreadsheet to see what I did...and am now wanting to compare it to what she...