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    Has anyone done Amy's Slo-Mo?

    I just got mine too!! I just posted about this over on VF! I'm excited about Slo-Mo too!
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    "Morning After Pill"

    RE: >All OCs and MAP work the same. I understand what you are >saying (it should be used as emergency contraception :)), but >MAP is considered a contraceptive or birth control. I really don't want to get into semantics here(really, I don't:) )but the inserts in the MAP specifically say...
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    "Morning After Pill"

    RE: >>>The MAP is NOT considered a form of birth control. > >It works like Oral contraceptives... >1) suppresses ovulation >2) thickens cervical mucus >3) alters the endometrial lining > >Same mechanisms as oral contraceptives. I understand the >issue with mechanism #3 (abortifacient...
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    controversial topics

    I completely understand where you are coming from, LD. I know that there is a thread right now that some keep saying to 'let die' yet no one is being offensive or mean. I don't understand this either. Just because people have a difference of opinion and are discussing that deosn't mean the topic...
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    Can they do that?

    >Only 17 states have made it illegal to discriminate based on >sexual orientation. That leaves 33 in which it is perfectly >legal for a company to choose not to hire someone based on >sexual orientation (or even perception of sexual orientation). > A person's right to work regardless of...
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    Can they do that?

    >What if someone said they weren't going to hire homosexuals? >No matter what your moral beliefs, this is a high risk group >of individuals health-wise. Or someone who has multiple sex >partners? Or someone who doesn't wear a seat belt regularly, >which is illegal in many, if not all...
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    Can they do that?

    Your right to smoke isn't a 'protected' right. Meaning, it isn't covered by Fair Employment and Equal Opportunity Laws. If the Cleveland Clinic is a private sector business than they have the right to choose who they hire however they want. They can choose not to hire someone on the basis of...
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    Is this your hair salon experience too?

    Me too! I always look horrible in the hair salon lighting. I hate at the end when they always ask(or wait) for feedback and I think, "they are never going to believe that I really think I look good." Usually the next day when I fix it is when I can really see how 'good' it looks.
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    What is your favorite movie?

    Manhattan...I would watch this movie everyday if I could. As for others....I would probably keep any Woody Allan movie on if I happened to catch it. My other favorites being: Deconstructing Harry, Hannah and Her Sisters and Annie Hall.
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    "24" - now THAT'S a really bad day!

    RE: Re: bad day I'm so glad other 24 fans are feeling this way. For some reason this season just feels 'tired' for me. Monday, I literally said out loud, "not this again" with the whole consulate business. And I agree could Jack have been more stupid. First, just announcing that he is holding...
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    I think it depends on your on pain threshold...LOL. To get all of that done will probably take close to an hour...if not more. Generally, areas that you have never had waxed but have shaved tend to hurt more the first time. Shaving toughens the follicle and makes the hair 'harder' to get out...
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    Susan, No offense taken. With all of the technology out there I can certainly understand people being suspicious. I have my own 'screening' methods. For example, I'll never buy from someone who won't tell me where they are shipping from. Items that have their location listed as "DVD,USA" or...
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    Heading to NYC tonight....

    I would say find your favorite bar. I'm about 30 minutes south(in northern NJ) and it is REALLY cold here. I'm sure it is even colder in the city. Right now, it is about 15 degrees here and windy. Once the sun goes down I'm sure it will be even colder. UGH! x(
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    I sell plenty of DVDs on Ebay and they are legitimate. I am usually just trying to thin out my collection in order to buy more.:) I sell under "my name and a number." I don't think you should discriminate based on that....
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    Has anyone tried the workout Hip Hops Abs?

    I haven't...but there are lots of people talking about over on the VideoFitness Forum. :)
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    The Secret is out!

    > >> are being too specific. It's just negative >attracts >>negative... >> >So what would be an example of that? If the Law of Attraction >applies to EVERYTHING, it has to apply to the specific as >well... could be hoping that you die and then you die--that...
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    The Secret is out!

    I just wanted to say a few things that I'm thinking about regarding this topic: 1. I agree that the marketing of these ideas as "the Secret" seems a little shady. I mean these people have been writing books, lecturing, etc. for years so I don't think it is right that someone decided to get...
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    The Secret is out!

    > >>1. You are being too specific. The idea is negative attracts >>negative. Not you must have been thinking about your child >>being killed and that's why it happened. > >> >>2. You don't have any control over other people's lives, >>therefore, while your child tragically dying does...
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    The Secret is out!

    > >I also believe that we are 100% >>responsible for everything in our lives that occur and I >have >>also had terrible things happen. But I also think the >beliefs >>we hold span over lifetimes (a whole other topic) and >>sometimes they are so unconscious you wouldn't even know >>unless...
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    The Secret is out!

    I also wanted to add that I have read, "Ask and It is Given" by Esther Hicks and while I think it has some great ideas and is very inspiring, I have had some truly terrible things happen in my life that I KNOW I was not trying to attract. In fact, I COMPLETELY wanted the opposite to happen. I...