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    Less/no Equipment needed

    I love working out with Cathe but all the "toys" can drive a person nutso. I have spent more time on some workouts taking out all of my equipment and putting it back. I don't have a dedicated workout space so I love and prefer workouts with 2-3 sets of hand weights (low, med, heavy weight) and...
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    Results from ICE....

    I had not worked out on a regular basis for nearly 6 months, so ICE rotation Level 1 wiped me out for the first 2 weeks or so. After the first month I was upping my weight from what Cathe was doing, able to complete more of the workouts and felt ready to move to Level 2. I will note that I...
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    STS for those short on time

    Hi, A few years ago I did STS, and loved it, but have since had another child and my job has gotten busier so I don't have the luxury of doing an hour or longer workout every day, really any day. I was wondering if there are any suggestions for a strength routine for those of us short on time...
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    Cant seem to get back into the groove

    getting in the groove Hi, I am the mommy of a 1 yr old and a 4.5 yr old, who had c-sections for both of my little ones. My only answer for you is give it time. I remember being super frustrated that I couldn't get a workout in with both of my kiddos. As soon as they started sleeping I...
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    Deadlifts confusion

    Check out this article from her newsletter. Cathe explains her use of deadlifts and how they are important. Cathe Friedrich - Why Deadlifts are Good for You Hope that helps
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    The workout is yours not Cathe's Nothing says you have to do the rotation exactly like Cathe say's to. You don't have to do the rotation exactly like she says to. You can always modify the rotation to fit what you want, pick one of the upper body's and then a lower body one week and then do...
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    X-Train weight workout, oh how I love thee!

    I'm trying to do the 90 day rotation, with modifications since I don't like working out 6 days a week. And I realized this morning that I actually look forward to doing the weight workouts in this set but the cardios have some dread factor for me, well not dread but less motivation to do them...
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    4 weeks pregnant

    Had the baby on Monday night. I went for my regular check up Monday am and had unusually high blood pressure so my nurse practioner sent me to the hospital for monitoring. During lab work ups it was found I had HELLP ( severe preeclampsia) and had him via c-section 3 weeks early. We're all...
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    4 weeks pregnant

    Congrats to you two as well! and I also feel depressed when I can't workout. The past few weeks have been hard for me but knowing that the little bugger is doing fine helps me. A big part of the reason I kept up with my workouts was so I could heal faster after the baby comes (planned...
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    4 weeks pregnant

    Hi I'm 37 weeks and did fairly intense workouts until a month or so ago and then did a light lifting/yoga rotation. The holidays and just being tired have made workouts more rare now but feel like I could still workout with modifications. Modify as you go.
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    Which XTRAIN workout will u do first?

    As I'm 9 months pregnant, I'll preview them all over and over. If I could though I might do Burn Sets.
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    Amanda, Wow!!

    That would be great!!
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    Amanda, Wow!!

    Based on the preview photos Amanda managed to get into amazing shape after having a baby. As I'm pregnant right now I would love to know what she did to stay in shape during pregnancy and what she did to get back into shape afterwards. What an inspiration!!
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    Best 30 min cardio premix?

    I love the Afterburn premixes (1-5 and 6-10) both are just about 30 min and full complete workouts. Get me sweaty and breathing. CSS is around 40 min so if you can manage an extra 10 mins it's great too. Intensity has some premixes around 30 min. IMAX2 has great premixes as well (1-5 and...
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    Good Substitute for Plyo Legs

    So would something like Lower Body Blast work too? I just don't have the budget right now to buy another workout (spent my allotment on XTrain) :D
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    Good Substitute for Plyo Legs

    HI all, I was just trying to decide on my next rotation and many of them call for Plyo Legs (from STS), as I don't have STS and there is no option for purchasing this single disk from the set it would be great if there was an alternate DVD I can use. Any ideas? Thanks, Kate
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    Length and premixes for XTRAIN

    That's great!! Thanks for the response
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    Length and premixes for XTRAIN

    I'm curious as to the potential length of these workouts and if there will be premixes. I am a mom of a toddler and a newbie on the way and just don't have time for anything that is an hour, or really over 45 min, since I also work full time and have an hour long commute. I love the sound of...
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    NOV 2011 Low Impact Series Rotation

    I love LIS! It's perfect for me and I am finding new muscles all the time, especially the next day. Also love that I have all of the equipment already!!
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    NOV 2011 Low Impact Series Rotation

    I've tried splits before but with my limited time and I don't have a lot of heavy weight and can't really afford more (limited space and $$) so circuits seem most efficient for me. But maybe next month I'll try splits. Thanks for the advice.:D