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    Calories Burned

    Is there anywhere that shows the calories burned for each of the STS Cardio workouts? Don't see them yet on the workout manager. Thank you, Diane
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    Kettlebells? The Kettlebell Way to Your Perfect Body is a 40-minute workout led by America’s foremost kettlebell expert, Anthony Diluglio and kettlebell enthusiast, actress Beth Chamberlin. Features include: -14...
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    I have been using The Kettlebell Way for couple weeks now and I like it so much more than Iron Cores. Definitely gets my heart rate up. Diane
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    Dynaband snapped again, and again and again!!!

    Is the green Theraband about the same tension as the green Dynaband? Diane
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    Grocery Bill

    I have been using The Grocery Game for the last 2 1/2 years and save an average of 40-45% on groceries. I have a good sized stockpile of supplies in the pantry which are coming in very handy right now as my DH has been laid-off last 6 weeks. Grocery bills for the last month for the two of us...
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    The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

    Just watched this last night and it was a great show. Sad ending for the guy. Ordered it thru my library and had it in 3 days. Diane
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    Whey Protein Powder

    1/2 cup cottage cheese 1 Tbsp peanut butter 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder Mix all the above together. Can put in freezer for 1/2 hour if want. I eat this couple times a week as evening snack. Also use powder in my oatmeal, shakes, pancakes, and bars. Check google for protein...
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    Creatine & STS

    What is creatine supposed to do? Diane
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    Anyone from the Pac. NW in WA?

    I live outside Arlington just north of Everett. "I went to Mount Si High school and graduated from there." My dh grew up in Fall City and graduated from Mount Si in '82. He thought the herb farm burned down and wasn't operating now. Will have to check it out. Diane
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    STS and Kettlebells

    I tried asking this over at VF and not getting much response so thought I'd try here. I just started working out with kettlebells but am having trouble trying to work them into my regular rotation. I try to have 3 heavy weight days and 2-3 cardio days a week. When is the best time to work the...
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    Knee pain from squats & lunges

    I just posted on the STS forum asking for a modifing exerciser or at least instruction on modifications we can do to lessen the pain in the knees from squats and lunges. If you also have this problem and would also like to see help in the new STS dvd's could I please ask that you also post your...
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    Lunges & Squats

    I had to take off 1 1/2 weeks of workouts due to a cold and at the end of the time-off I noticed that the pain I have most of the time in my knees was gone. But, by the end of Slow & Heavy Legs I could feel the pain returning. Now 2 days later, I definitely know that those squats and lunges are...
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    Pull up bar

    Another option #1 please. Diane
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    Any other *LOST* fans out there????

    ABC is replaying last seasons final episode tonite at 8pm. Diane
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    One Arm Row

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    One Arm Row

    While doing one arm dumbell rows in 4Day Split Chest & Back, I notice it is more comfortable to place my non-working forearm on my leg just above the knee instead of using my hand as Cathe does. As I have lower back issues, I am wondering if this changes the exercise any? Diane
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    Great legs without squats and lunges?

    My knees have trouble with squats and lunges also, even using very light/no weights. Have had some relief lunging onto a 6" step but still not great. Would also be interested in other exercises we could do. Diane
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    Pace Weights? Has anyone tried these?

    I have these and really like them. They do not come in 5 lb increments but .5 lb. Not sure if this is what you are understanding and thought I'd mention before you ordered. Diane
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    I really want this from you Cathe...

    "That picture is currently the wallpaper on my computer!!" Same here. Diane
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    Question about PlateMates

    Sorry, I worded this wrong. I got the dumbells at Wallyworld. PaceWeights are only available from their website. Diane