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    DVD Shipping Alert!

    DVD's just arrived at my house in Florida! Yippee!
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    Latex content of bands and loops

    I have a severe allergy to latex, and so I'm very interested in the response to the above question. Also, do the bands or loops contain any latex? Administrator?
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    I'm placing yet another vote for STS 2 with shorter workouts. Cathe, is there any possibility that you might do a new STS version at some point in the future?
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    Botox/Juviderm or Mini Lift

    Ivy, it certainly wouldn't hurt to go for a consultation. I went for a consultation, and when it was over, I asked them if they could do the procedure right then and there. Fortunately, they were able to do it right away. It is expensive, but I am very pleased with the results. No downtime, no...
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    Botox/Juviderm or Mini Lift

    Over the past few months, I have been contemplating whether I wanted a lower miniface lift or injectables. I finally decided to go with injectables. I am 61 years old. Last week I had Botox injected in my forehead area and on the "folds" between my eyebrows. I also had Juvederm placed in my...
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    LITE Status

    Thanks for your reply and all of your hard work! Just anxious to have these DVD's in my hot little hands by Christmas. :)
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    LITE Status

    When can we expect to begin seeing some clips from the new LITE series?
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    Botox/Juviderm or Mini Lift

    I saw a highly recommended plastic surgeon to inquire about a mini face lift. He told me that his work is conservative, but that I would definitely notice a difference in my neck and chin area after the procedure. The cost is $9,500. I'm still debating.....
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    Updates to Cathe Compendium

    Jag2 messaged me to let me know that she is on vacation with her family, but plans to add Strong and Sweaty to her compendium in the next few weeks. Yipee!
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    Updates to Cathe Compendium

    Jag2, will you be adding the new Strong and Sweaty series to your compendium? I absolutely love the work you do on it, and use it daily..
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    Fit Tower

    Yep, I'm in southern Florida, so I won't see mine for a while! Darn!
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    Fit Tower

    My charge just came through as well. I ordered on the first day it was available. We should see shipping info soon!
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    Fit Tower

    I'm also getting antsy to receive my Fit Tower and DVD's. I just spoke to a customer service representative at Fit Tower and she informed me that they are going to begin shipment today and tomorrow. She said that our first notification that it has been shipped will be a charge on our credit...
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    Who has already preordered fit tower?

    I ordered yesterday and the 10% Cathe discount went through. I don't know when I'll receive it though. The e-mail I received said it was "backordered", but it also said that it would ship in 1-2 weeks.
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    More challenging

    Elsie, you are not a contrarian. You spoke for a number of us who waited a very long time for a Cathe intermediate series. I love ICE and am so pleased that Cathe gave many of us what we asked for!
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    ICE Project Update 12-8-15

    Feeling anxious! I hope Cathe gives us an update soon...maybe in her weekly newsletter on Monday.
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    Wandering the most popular age group for Cathletes

    I am 58 years young and found Cathe through Collage Video. Cathe keeps me in fabulous shape. Can't wait for the ICE series - I've been waiting for an intermediate series from Cathe for a long time!
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    Announcing Cathe's Next Video Series!

    I am so psyched! Once again, Cathe, you have listened to your devoted fans and given us what we asked for. I am so excited about intermediate workouts and strength training focusing on one muscle group. My order is in!
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    21 Day Fix Extreme

    The background music on 21 Day Fix is typical Beachbody music and is not noticeably good or bad.
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    21 Day Fix Extreme

    I did the 21 Day Fix Program and lost 8 pounds and a total of 7 inches in 21 days! I was very pleased with my results. Overall, the seven workouts are fun and last only 30 minutes. I found the extreme eating plan to be quite doable. It is basically a portion-controlled eating plan. I was allowed...