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    Merry Christmas to Nancy in customer service!!!!

    Yep, Nancy came to my rescue recently! Thanks so much!!!
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    Where to find Golashes

    OVERSHOES AND BOOTS Protect Your Feet While You Work with Our Extensive Selection of Boots at Galeton Tingley Overshoes Heeling Touch. Shoe Care Headquarters. Vintage Galoshes | eBay
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    Sun rash

    The dermatologist I saw was familiar with the condition and knew what to prescribe. When I asked my GP if he could fill the prescription for me, he did, but after a couple of years he said he was uncomfortable with some of the side-effects (depression, etc.), so, he researched some drugs that...
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    Sun rash

    No, it's a prescription and it's taken orally. You know, the rash would get better on its own, and that was fine when I was in high school or college and had lots of time off during the summer. But, when you get older and get that one or two weeks, you don't want to spend half of it with a...
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    Sun rash

    The same thing has been happening to me since I was in high school (and that was a LOOOONG time ago!). I would only get at the beach, no matter how much sunscreen I used or what little time I spent in the sun. I just wanted to be able to take a walk on the beach or play frisbee with the dog...
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    Good books?

    I've recently read: A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving Room by Ellen Donoghue They Stooped to Folly by Ellen Glasgow (I'm a little obsessed now; I have two more of her novels and a recent biography of her on my to read list!) And now I'm reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks...
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    What to eat post cardio workout?

    Dinner. :D
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    <--- It's just one of those days...

    <----absolutely HATES & DETESTS Shelley's boss <----wants to get the fastest plane to Hamilton and KICK. HIS. A$$!!! <----tells Shelley to try not to worry, though <----knows that's easier said than done <----sends hugs and love <----says hi to all and wishes <----could stay here with you...
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    <--- Now everybody throw your hands in the air...

    <--- waves and yells, "Top o the mornin' and Happy St. Patty's Day!" :p <--- has two huge deadlines, so Friday might not mean anything this week <--- says no matter, after the great NYC weekend <--- just had, where I saw Beavs & FancyNancy, it's all gooooooood! <--- hopes Shelly has a...
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    <---LOVES it when a Pixie shows up for the party!!!!:):cool:
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    <--- thinks that it is a sign of good things to come when Shells reappears!:eek::D
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    90 day supreme

    Stephanie, I have Supreme 90 and Chalean Extreme. I think Supreme 90 is harder, but I like it so much more. To me, this program is kind of a cross between CE and Barry's Bootcamp (but better than both of them!). I've done five of the workouts, but I'm actually just starting the...
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    Temperamental 10 year old... how should I punish her?

    I think somewhere in all this, she needs to know that the bigger issue is that she disobeyed you. Maybe bring up that when you tell her something, you mean it, and that next time she ignores what you have told her to do or not do, she will be punished BEFORE something as major as this happens.
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    Totally off topic - Kanye??

    Not usually a Kanye fan, BUT I'm a huge Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) fan. That said, I'm really enjoying the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" album.
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    Washington D.C. 10/30 & 10/31

    Great blog! Didn't do the marathon, but did go to the Rally. Yeah, it was WAY too crowded, but we hung/walked around for an hour and then hit a bar!:p Here are my photos! So glad I got to go!
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    Need some family vacation advice!

    Ocracoke Island, NC.,_North_Carolina
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    Disturbing Info - BP Oil Spill

    I refudiate that!:rolleyes::eek::p
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    Disturbing Info - BP Oil Spill

    Amen. Kennedy challenged the science community to put a man on the moon by the end of the 60s, and it happened. Is getting us weaned off oil so much harder than that?
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    High Step F1080

    Google it.
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    Cookbooks..what is your favorite

    Mario Batali's Simple Italian Food, Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food, and the original Moosewood Cookbook.