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  1. serene_46

    Cathe equipment/ accessories /a game changer!!!

    I have bought Cathe accessories over the years ( Fire walker loops, bands, discs) but the barbell pad is a game changer! I have been using a pad I bought from a big box store 20 years ago, struggling with it through many programs with heavy barbell weight, including the first 4 weeks of STS 2.0...
  2. serene_46

    STS 2.0 Basic Rotation

    Agree!! I also review each workout and put each workout into an excel spreadsheet ( I prefer my own style of workout sheets) I don't anticipate starting 2.0 until the 2nd week in June and I am OK with that because I like to know how each workout is structured and have my weight selections ready.
  3. serene_46

    Please add January 2023 to workout manager

    I cannot find the January 2923 rotation t add to my calander this month- Help!! Thank you
  4. serene_46

    Video Clip of Cathe's Low Impact Hiit Plus Upper Body Live Workout

    This ranks as one of my favorite workouts! I am putting this into my monthly rotations- a classic!!!
  5. serene_46


    Lily- Positive affirmations coming your way- YOU GOT THIS !!! What a warrior you are. I am a radiation therapist (34yrs) and have seen many people in your situation. Treatment is hard- but you will get through this and be a living testimonial for others in the future!!
  6. serene_46

    What Time Of Day Do You Like To Start Your Workout?

    Weekdays- 5:30PM (after work, my husband works out in the AM before work and does not like company in our gym) Weekends- 9AM
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    I bought this program when it came out in March- really enjoyed it. The sandbag is not essential and although I have used sandbags for other workouts (BodyRock Bootcamps) I didn't like it for these workouts- I just used a dumbbell. Workouts are 22 minutes long with simple and very effective...
  8. serene_46

    Favorite Kettlebell DVDs?

    Lauren Brooks has excellent DVDs as well as progressive programs ( Be S.L.A.M. -strong like a Mother) for those interested in strength training with Kettlebells. She is a StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor (SFG) Team Leader, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and has a degree in Kinesiology. Her...
  9. serene_46

    Question on creating a workout

    I have been teaching for 11 years and have found that there is always someone in the class willing to be the "counter" because I tend to add more reps if someone isn't keeping track. while I am very "even" in my counts side to side, I tend to say " You are doing so good let's add some more!" or...
  10. serene_46

    They came!!!

    I received mine today.... I live in southeast Indiana.
  11. serene_46

    Getting Older

    I am 52 and in the throes of menopause. Despite eating super clean, exercising hard and trying to get a good nights sleep, my middle is expanding at a slow and steady rate, my jawline is starting to sag and my memory is foggy at times. I am very lucky to be healthy and have a fabulous family and...
  12. serene_46

    For those of you doing Insanity or have done it

    I agree with Shannon 110% I have done the 60 day Insanity program several times and never felt like doing additional weight lifting. Insanity did more for my cardio endurance than any other exercise regimen while maintaining the strength gains I had made with P90X and STS. That being said...
  13. serene_46

    Are all the workouts in Xtrain going to be new or are you reusing material for some?

    I think you will find XTRAIN to be an exceptional value with over 11 hours of original foootage, numerous premixes, bonus footage and detailed chapter menus. I always find Cathe's dvds to be an exceptional value AND investment. I am forever grateful to have found Cathe and appreciate all...
  14. serene_46

    All DVDs have now been shipped!

    WOW: just got the DVDs in my mailbox today (Friday). Cathe's staff is fabulous- Thank you for getting the preorders out so fast!!
  15. serene_46

    What podcasts do you listen to?

    I bought my IPod for taking my music to the fitness classes I teach but I use it all the time during my 60 minute (one way) commute to work My favs: Stuff you should know: Josh and Clark are fun, informative and I have listened to all episodes Stuff you missed in history class: This...
  16. serene_46

    glassboro road trip

    There will be a "Find a roommate" thread under the Glassboro Road Trip 2012 Forum once the road trip has been filled. Good Luck- it is an absolute blast to meet other Cathletes and see Cathe in her home environment!!
  17. serene_46

    STS Pyramid Challenge - January

    Hi everyone!! I have been MIA for a while waiting on my new computer (which finally arrived!) I am on the down side of the pyramid (disc 18 today) and I have mixed feelings about my results. I LOVE my strength gains!!! I HATE the BULKINESS! I have been eating super clean but Meso 2 (which...
  18. serene_46

    Mammogram update

    Hi Pam I will keep you in my prayers. What a scary thing to go through!! I am a radiation therapist (29 years) and a negative ultrasound is a wonderful sign for sure. I would definitely breath a sigh of relief. In my experience, careful "watchful oversight" is fabulous for detecting any...
  19. serene_46

    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    Hi Ladies!! I have been AWOL from the forums due to computer issues.... just found out the laptop I ordered 2 weeks ago won't be shipped until Jan 3!! My desktop computer died right before thanksgiving so I have learned the hard way this time of year is not the best for trying to find a...
  20. serene_46

    What was your first Cathe workout video?

    My first DVD was KickMax and I found it in the Collage catalog (2005 or 06 I believe) As with other Cathletes, that is all it took to leave the Firm's videos behind and start my Cathe obsession. I think I have everything but the wedding video and the her 2 earliest workouts in DVD or download...