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    Race Across America

    Hi - I know this is kinda silly, but I liked being able to zoom in on the map and "see" where I was. The map no longer has the ability to drag and drop to see the "street view". Any chance this could be added back?
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    Race Across America

    Thank you!
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    Race Across America

    I checked yesterday and today, and all of the data is gone?
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    XTrain DVDs don't appear in Calendar?

    Thanks - they are appearing now (odd - I didn't "do" anything).
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    XTrain DVDs don't appear in Calendar?

    Hi - I first downloaded the 90 day rotation to my calendar, and while you can see the workout if you are select a specific day, the DVDs didn't appear in the calendar. I then tried to download a single workout... same issue. I'm attaching a picture (see 1/2/13) Edited to add: this is a...
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    August 2011

    Thanks! This looks great. I'm starting tomorrow.
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    April 2011 Rotation

    Thank you! I have spent 1 expected and 2 unexpected weeks off from workouts. This looks like the perfect rotation to whip me back into some level of shape. Thank you for taking the time to post rotations every month. They are always extremely helpful!
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    May 10' Rotation

    Thank you! I'm currently on week 3 of your March rotation. This one looks great, I'll be starting mid-month.
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    Post-Flu Rotation?

    Here's what I came up with. Open to suggestions for improvement. I decided to limit the "recovery rotation" to 3 weeks, and will start Cathe's March rotation beginning "week 4". Week 1 Day 1 Walk, with "brisk walk" or "light jog/trot" intervals. Aim to keep heart rate up without...
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    Post-Flu Rotation?

    Hi. I don't post very often, but am looking for some post-flu rotation ideas. I came down with the flu last Wednesday, March 10, and today is my first full fever-free day (yay!!!). My body is still far to weak to even contemplate a workout, but I'm already thinking about what I can do to...
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    Feb 10' Rotation

    Thank you, Cathe! Love the mix of old and new DVDs, and the fact that you've mixed up under an hour workouts with 'double days'. This is exactly the kind of rotation I need right now. Will be starting tomorrow!
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 17, 2009

    I missed posting yesterday, but completed PLB in its entirety. Legs are nicely sore today. I ended up taking an unscheduled rest day the day we were supposed to do IMAX. Sooo... I decided to rev up the metabolism today and did IMAX Extreme. I know I ended up buring more muscle than fat...
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 15, 2009

    Finally posted yesterday's workout (not completed until afterwork) BACK Pyramids: Dumbbell Pullover: 30#/35#/40#/35#/30# - 12/10/8/10/12 reps Double Arm Rows: 20's/25's/30's/25's/20's - 12/10/8/10/12 reps ***RESTED*** Repeated again but UP pyramid only. Same Weights Gym Style: T-Back...
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 9, 2009

    I almost took an unscheduled rest day, as I couldn't get myself out of bed this morning in time to workout. However, since I was able to leave work early, I talked myself into getting it done. All exercises performed with dumbbels PS LEGS Warm Up Front/Back Lunges 12's – 8 reps each leg...
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 7, 2009

    I missed posting yesterday (completed LowMax 4 -7 premix), and am finally finding time to post this morning's workout. I think I'm going to feel this tomorrow! ***All weight work performed with dumbbells CHEST Pure Strength: Push ups off step: 2 sets/12 reps Bench Press w/u: 15s, 16...
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 5, 2009

    Finally found time to post... I really liked this workout! ***I don't have a barbell, used dumbbells througout BACK Pure Strength: T-Bar Rows w/u: – 20s T-Bar Rows: 25s ***Used 2 dumbbells with vertical grip Bent over Rows: 25s One Arm Row: 25 Shrugs: skipped - not a muscle group...
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 3, 2009

    Oh my. That's really all I can say right now. BM2 Cardio Blast is done. 65 minutes, 700 calories burned. Abs are going to have to wait until tomorrow....
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 2, 2009

    What a great workout! My shoulders are going to be fried tomorrow. And its been a long time since I've done PLB... it really got my hear rate up! I do have to go lighter on leg work, as my legs tend to bulk up when I lift heavier. SHOULDERS Pyramid: Triset: Rear Flies, Lateral Raise...
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 1, 2009

    I stayed up too late last night, and am feeling sluggish today. I just wasn't up to 60 minutes of cardio, so I did 4DS KB, followed by the core work (felt like I needed it). 41 minutes 11 minutes in zone 71% of max on average 329 calories burned, 45% from fat
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    "Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for Dec. 31"

    Good morning, all. This was a GREAT workout!! BACK PUB: Pullovers/Double Arm Rows: 20/25/30/25/20 ***I have trouble holding the 30# weight for pullovers. MM Underhand Barbell Rows: 25# dumbbells - 2 sets/15 reps One Arm Rows: 25s - 8 reps 4/2/2 count. ***The last rep on...