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    Happy Thanksgiving Cathe, Crew, and SNM Videos

    I too would like to wish Cathe, Chris, Nancy, and all the rest of the crew a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy your day. :) Christine
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    Boxing workout future

    Hi Cathe. I hope you'll be able to catch this... I know this is probably way too early, but as a general question for any boxing-oriented workouts you'll film, will a bag be absolutely necessary? I live with my parents and have pretty much only one room (which is loaded with fitness stuff!)...
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    Announcing STS - Cathe's Next Filming Project!

    Hi SNM/Cathe - STS really sounds amazing. I definitely wasn't expecting something on this level. My love is weight training and this sounds above and beyond. But, I'm still busy enjoying 4 Day Split. ;-) On the Workout Blender: I personally never use features like this. I guess I'm...
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    Older VHS-only workouts

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. :-) Christine
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    Older VHS-only workouts

    Hi Cathe and crew: I received your catalog with the 4 Day Split order and noticed "How to Get in Shape for Your Wedding" and "Mega Step Blast" listed under the ultimate guide. Unfortunately, I haven't had a VHS player for quite a while. Do you have any plans to reissue them, or the original...
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    for SNM

    Hi Cathe! Thank you, I will email your customer service. Christine
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    for SNM

    Hi - I'm sorry to bother you about this, but I hope you might be able to help me. I was viewing Muscle Endurance for the first time and noticed that there is a "pause" or "skip" between chapters 20 and 21 (medicine ball/push ups). Being that it occurs when the chapters change, my first...