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    Charleston, SC Vacation...never been there

    When we visited there we went on a city walking tour with a guide who taught photography. So not only did we learn a lot of history of the city and the buildings but she taught us how to get great pictures. Very interesting city to walk around and great food too.
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    Washing Machines and Dishwashers

    I have the Whirlpool Duet Sport front loader. I've had it at least 9 or 10 years. Never an issue with odor or mold. It works great. The only con I have found with front loaders is the cycle seems to be longer than top loaders.
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    Fit Tower

    Mine is here too but I can't even open the box until I get the cast off my hand! I'm really excited to try it out.
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    Fit Tower

    I still haven't received a shipment confirmation from the company, only from UPS. It looks like it shipped from somewhere very close to me as the first origin scan was at the UPS warehouse near me. So they must have a warehouse very close or in Ontario, California. This is really exciting...
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    Fit Tower

    I just received an email from UPS saying my Fit Tower will be delivered tomorrow! I'm in So California. But . . . . I won't be able to use it right away!! I have a cast on my arm from hand surgery. It is supposed to come off Monday but I don't know how soon I will be able to use the hand...
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    Osteoarthritis --- Lifting can Help! ;-)

    I've had this for many years. In my knees since I was a young teenager and other places as I've gotten older. I found accidentally that exercise makes a big difference for me. When we bought a two story house my knees improved. I can definitely feel a difference when I exercise regularly...
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    New Fit Tower!

    Ordered mine too!
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    I've had my Vitamin since 1993. They may be expensive but they last forever.
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    Are you Still Using Wen Post Scandal?

    I've been using Wen for 7 or 8 years. I'm in my early 50's. My hair is about halfway down my back and looks better than it ever has in my life. My husband has gray hair and says the Wen makes it more manageable. I do lose a lot of hair in the shower but my hair is just as thick as it was when...
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    Just signed up for Cathe Live

    I just signed up this morning and did my first Cathe Live workout.
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    Dyson pet groomin tool

    We've had one for a couple of years. It works great. It is so nice to be able to brush the dogs inside the house and not have fur flying everywhere. One of our dogs was a little nervous the first time or two being that close to the loud vacuum but he soon got used to it.
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    I've been using Wen exclusively for about 6 years. My hair is much softer, richer looking and I don't get split ends any more. I hear lots of horror stories about people who buy it through the infomercial/Guthy Renker. I only buy it from QVC or I've never had trouble...
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    Muscle building

    I'm doing Body Beast now. I am enjoying it. Reminds me a bit of Joyce Vedral's book Bottoms Up. I did that workout for a long time back in the early 90s. On Facebook there is a Body Beast 4 Women group that is very active.
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    Help with sports bras

    I have one by Champion that has a zipper down the front. Very easy to take off when sweaty.
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    Weight program to take to the gym

    I've done Gym Style at the gym several times. I don't have the downloads but just use a list of the exercises, # of reps, # of sets, etc on a sheet of paper.
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    Quiche freezes well too. I wrap leftovers in plastic wrap in one serving pieces and freeze. My husband takes them to heat up in the microwave at work for breakfast.
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    Storage for Cathe "Toys"

    I have an old four drawer dresser in my workout room. I have my DVDs in the top couple of drawers and all my small gear in the bottom drawers. My TV/DVD player is on top of the dresser. It is an extra bedroom so most of the larger stuff like barbell, stability ball, weight plates, medicine...
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    How many Cathe DVDs do you own?

    I have about 40 and that is counting STS as one.
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    Need motivation from the 50yr olds.....

    I hadn't workout consistently for years. I knew I needed to. Finally 21 weeks ago I just made a goal of doing four workouts of some kind every week. I just finished my 21st week. I haven't lost much weight because I haven't changed my diet yet but I feel firmer and my clothes are a little...
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    Short high-intensity workouts

    LIS cardio Supersets is 41 min but has a couple of presets that are about 25 minutes.