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    Cathe Live - July 17?

    Thanks! I had wondered if that wasn't the case...I didn't do last weeks and must have missed that on the home page. I did look before asking and then tried googling things. :o
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    Cathe Live - July 17?

    Was there a Cathe Live filmed for yesterday? I can't seem to find one anywhere or any info on skipping a week? Thanks, Karen :)
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    Cycle Workouts

    Thanks everyone, I have the workout DVD's but no spin bike. If they will work with a trainer, it is a cheaper option, just to see if I like it. ;)
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    Thank You! Thank you for getting this together so quickly! :)
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    kettlebell workout

    Great Idea! Very good idea...I also would love to use my kettlebells more and would do so with Cathe!:)
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    Where to find a heavy bag?

    Thank you so much for answering! I will look for the wavemaster so I can try my hand at the heavybag workout! ;)
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    Where to find a heavy bag?

    I was wondering where to get a heavy bag like the one in Cathe's workout so I can do the bonus workout. I thought I saw it at one time but can no longer find out where she got her bag? Thanks for the help! :) Karen