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    How do I get a step with 4 risers per side (8 total)?

    Hi Sockselgato, I just purchased a new Step and extra risers from The individual risers are $13.50 per riser and they have a code for 15% off the entire site. They do charge shipping, though. You could also go The Original Health Club Step’s site but they are a little higher...
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    Cathe's voice not in sync with mouth? Does that make sense?

    The same thing occurs on my Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Kickbox DVD from ICE. Cathe and crew’s moves are not in sync with the music either. The problem gets better as the workout progresses. Unfortunately I haven’t even had a chance to preview the new LITE series yet or even Fit Split.☹️
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    Cathe Step dvd that has a hitch kick

    Step, Jump & Pump or Step of those has it.
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    Muscles Up Cathletes…The Fit Tower Is In The QVC House!

    I missed it on TV, but if you click on the link admin first posted you can watch the clip on QVC's site. Julie
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Senior Fit 2

    The music was awesome! Some of my favorite tunes from favorite workouts!
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    Another all band workout

    I was stuck in a motel in an unsafe area for 30 days. Nowhere to walk outdoors. It had one beat up treadmill, an eliptical contraption that fried my knees, and a pool that they kept cold because it cost too much to heat. But...I had Travel Fit and a good band! I did use their equipment and...
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    What is your body type - Get to know it to determine an effective workout routine

    Another article if anyone is interested:
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    Intensity's Cardio and Weights

    Hi, There are several circuit- style DVDs. Circuit Max, Low Impact Circuit, High Step Circuit, Terminator, Drill Max....I would encourage you to look at Shop Cathe, and click on "Circuit Dvds" and view some clips. Hope this helps! Julie
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    Barbell and Fit Tower

    I have a Troy Lite set and it fits nicely on the Fit Tower. It is an older set with solid plates, but I don't think the dimensions have changed. Julie
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    Fit Tower™ Pre-Sale Ends Today

    Their e-mail address is: [email protected]. Mine also said backorder but I received it in about a week. I e-mailed requesting shipping and tracking info; they responded within about an hour.
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    Barbell for new fit tower

    I have an older Troy Lite bar that is 5 pounds. It is about 54" and holds 80 pounds. I bought it as a set (40 lbs) at years ago and purchased a few extra plates along with it. Now they sell the plates that you can grip but mine are just the solid "quiet iron" plates. Amazon...
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    Last Chance to Pre-Order the Fit Tower™. Only a Few Days Left!

    Thanks for the info. Mine just came so I will put it together this evening. Good to have a "heads-up"! Julie
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    Foot operation

    If you have clearance from your surgeon, I don't see why not. I have tried a mat in the past for learning step choreography and when I've had joint troubles, but to me it is almost harder. No jumping means less momentum so I get those friendly burnies, plus I have to keep from catching the mat...
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    Last Chance to Pre-Order the Fit Tower™

    Yay! The above info was exactly what I wanted to hear....just got my order in!
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    Leaning out legs

    I know this is a late response, but wanted to say Cathe wrote a rotation posted May, 2015 for STS with the Shock Cardio Series. It is in the Rotations forum. If I remember correctly, she developed that cardio series to complement STS. Julie
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    SNM will there be a Cathe Live step workout tonight 7/29/16?

    There are some videos up on her Facebook page now.
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    I've been in hospital. What now?

    Amen to all of the above. I would just add a reminder to not neglect your nutrition. Being in the hospital takes a big toll on the body and mind and eating adequate amounts of healthy nutrients is so necessary to build yourself back up. Your muscles may have suffered a little from lack of use...
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    ICE: Intensity level

    XTrain is an advanced workout series, but of course there may be some who do not consider it as such. Cathe has only ICE that is specifically catagorized as intermediate, I think; maybe High Step Circuit also. She has about 4 that are labeled "Beginner".
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    Womens UFC

    Yes, Ronda has said she wants another fight with Holly. But even though she probably has some (deserved) sway with the UFC, she is under contract so I guess she fights whoever Dana schedules for her. I think it would be interesting to see what conditions are in those fighters' contracts and how...
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    Womens UFC

    Got to see it all last night! There were some great moments in the cage. I was not surprised by how Meisha fought but I didn't expect Holly to go to sleep. I really thought McGregor would have been the one not to tap, but I guess it was a smart move since he knew he was done. I kinda think it...