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    Workout card, Meso 2

    more info An example is on Discs 13 and 16. My one-rep max for bench presses and flys is 27, so on Disc 13, where I should be lifting 70% 1RM, it lists my target weight as 19. That seems correct. But then, on Disc 16, when I should be lifting 75% 1RM, the target weight is still listed at 19...
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    Workout card, Meso 2

    That is not what I am seeing; I understand the wave loading. Perhaps I am not understanding how the program rounds numbers. Thank you for looking into this. Tracy
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    Workout card, Meso 2

    Forgive me if this has been mentioned. Workout cards for Meso2 weeks 2 and 3: we're supposed to be lifting 75% 1RM, but the target weight amounts that are printed out are actually 70%. (I think this system is awesome!) Tracy
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    1RM Test in FileMaker for Mac/Excel

    Thank you! This will make the whole 1RM thing easier. Your generosity is very much appreciated! Tracy
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    Curved Barbell vs, straight

    I only have an easy curl bar, and I find that I can do any of the exercises in Cathe's workouts just fine with it. I don't notice any problems with putting it on my shoulders for squats, etc. I guess it just depends on your personal preference. Tracy
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    Question for the Bread Bakers!

    I've made bread with white whole wheat and found it to be indistinguishable (to me) from regular whole wheat. One thing that has made my whole wheat bread less dense is to add vital wheat gluten. Tracy
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    ? about Workout Manager

    Hi, The blog told us how we can estimate the weight to use to reach failure based on the number of reps, ie. 15 reps at 70% 1RM. So, will the Workout Manager tell us how many reps per set of all Cathe's workouts, or just STS? Just curious if I should start counting! I really appreciate the...
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    STS planned split? A thought

    I couldn't disagree more. I prefer the planned split. I especially like the shoulders with chest and back, since it is different from every other split workout I own. Tracy
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    My DH is a sheep. He'll do whatever workout I'm doing, but if I don't workout, he won't either. Since Cathe is my favorite, she must be his too! He seems to enjoy himself anyway. Tracy
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    Announcing STS - Cathe's Next Filming Project!

    STS sounds great! I wouldn't use the Workout Blender because the whole point to this series is that it is carefully designed to maximize our efforts. So any changes I would make in the workout would be less effective, right? Tracy
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    Wow, Cathe!!! Thank you so much!

    Hi Cathe! Thank you for the surprise gift. I am very touched by your gesture of friendship. Tracy
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    Body Max 2 Premix Suggestions?

    I really like the suggested premix on your blog. I'd also really like the following: WU Step Combo 1 Leg conditioning 1 Step Combo 2 Leg conditioning 2 Step Combo 3 Leg conditioning 3 Bonus step footage Leg conditioning 4 Upper Body Abs Thanks for asking! Tracy