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    Fitness Loops

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of where to buy decent fitness loops like what Cathe uses? I have the ones she used to sell but they have all broken over time. I have tried to buy another kind and they were too thin and not enough resistance. I like the ones that Cathe sold as they had...
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    Working out at the gym

    Hello, I have all of Cathe's workouts and love doing them but after having my 3rd baby, I'm finding it near impossible to work out at home. All my children are young so it is extremely hard to exercise with them under foot. The 3 year old won't nap most days so I am at my wits end. I get up...
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    Hoping for another spin DVD!

    I agree. I just love Cycle Max. This is now my favorite Cathe workout! I can't believe how much stronger my legs have gotten and that's while being pregnant! I also got it in the download so I can mix it up. I use it every week. I too got one from another instructor for variety but it...
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    Healthy Mommas -- Mar 19

    Cee, I am having a boy. I can't believe I'm in the 34th week! I have been working out 5 days/week throughout this pregnancy. The Low Impact Series has been wonderful for pregnancy! I have especially enjoyed Cycle Max. It has just been perfect and as my baby bump is REALLY out there now I...
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    Calling all 2012 Momma's-To-Be

    MissyP, I am 31 weeks and when I was 1 day late I took 2 tests. Both read positive but were extremely faint. You could just barely see the second line but it was there. Obviously, those tests were accurate! From what I know about pregnancy tests, you can get a false negative but not a false...
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    Deadlifts hurt my back

    I would try the one leg deadlifts that are in Legs and Glutes and I think Lower Body Blast. You do a deadlift move but with much less weight and one leg at a time. I would try the move at first with no weight, then if that doesn't hurt your back I would gradually add a little weight. Ashley
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    Pregnancy & Fitness??

    I had my first baby when I was 35. I am a regular exerciser and have been since I was in my 20's. I worked out throughout my 1st pregnancy, gained 35 lbs. then lost 5 two weeks before I delivered. i then lost 20 in the hospital and the last 10 quickly came off from breastfeeding. I never...
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    LIS is great during pregnancy!

    I agree! I'm at 20 weeks and have been really enjoying all the workouts. I'm sure I'll have to back off some as I get further along but so far I've been able to do all of them including Cycle Max which I love. I think these workouts will be fantastic to do after having the baby too to bounce...
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    Any favorites yet?

    My first favorite is Cardio Supersets with Cyclemax as a very close runner up. I actually feel the best when I finish Cyclemax but there is a slight dread factor because it is tough but a good tough. I love all of the new workouts though. I am really enjoying them. Ashley
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    LIS & STS

    Thanks for your reply! I think I'm going to give it a try. I have STS but have never done it all before. I need to do it, I've just been hesitant because there is only one leg workout per week. I have always done 2 leg workouts a week because if I don't my legs start to look bigger. Maybe...
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    LIS & STS

    kollman201, I am thinking about doing the November STS & LIS rotation and was wondering what kind of results you had when you did this rotation. Thanks, Ashley
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    I can't get through Cycle Max

    Amy, I just got my spin bike a month and 1/2 ago and the 1st time I tried it out I thought, "you have got to be kidding me!". That was with no tension! I was determined to do Cycle Max when it came so I just started riding for like 15-20 minutes and then increasing the time. I would...
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    Cycle Max

    Cathe, I LOVE this workout!!! It is awesome! I wasn't sure if I would be able to do spinning because my left knee bothers me sometimes but I went on ahead and bought a spinning bike. I've been doing short rides, building on intensity and time and this morning I did Cycle Max in its entirety...
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    Resistance Tubing

    Does anyone know what resistance tubing is used in Athletic Training? In the clip the tubing looks green but I'm not sure. I want to make sure I have everything (including dixie cups!) I need and am ready to go when the new workouts come. Ashley
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    Got my spin bike today...

    I just got one too about 2 weeks ago. I got a Nordic Track spinning bike. It is really nice, I can't wait to get Cycle Max except that I know it's going to be tough!! I've been on it a few times now and add tension and let me tell you, it burns and gets your heart rate up fast. I tried to...
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    Which do you suggest, strength or endurance workouts for this problem?

    Hi Cathe! First I'd like to say I am having fun with the newest workouts you made. I love Lower Body Blast and STS Total Body but I was intimidated by High Reps and Intensity. I forced myself to do them this week and I survived fine and really enjoyed them. I really like the bootcamp add-on...
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    exercise and nursing....

    Like others have already said, I would highly suggest nursing your baby right before you work out. I also had to wear a bra and a sports bra. That really helped a lot wearing both! I did not wear a nursing bra when I worked out because there's just not enough support, I just wore a regular...
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    low max opinion

    Low Max is a great workout. It would probably suit you well because it doesn't have any high impact. I have bursitis in my hips as well. When I was first diagnosed with it 6 years ago, it was so bad I had trouble walking. Shortly after that I discovered Cathe and I worked out despite the...
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    Rounded Belly Check-in Week of May 17th

    A great website that i registered at is I registered there and Target. I had originaly registered at Babys R Us but they did not download the scanner! I really don't feel like going back and doing all of that again. I bought all of my maternity clothes from a store...
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    Rounded Belly Check-in Week of May 17th

    Melanie, I don't get them at a specialty store, just the grocery store. I've found them in the organic section or I've bought the quaker brand if they don't have the organic kind. I'm telling you though, they really make all the difference. I think I was 16 or 17 weeks when I started...