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  1. NinjaMom

    How to get DVD icon on WM

    Log out, clear your cache then log back in.
  2. NinjaMom

    Hiccups between chapters in STS 2.0

    I tested all my dvds for about 5 minutes in and the only hiccup I had was with the active recovery & total body stretch. I have a Sony blu ray player (aprox 10yrs old) and use an HDMI.
  3. NinjaMom

    Incremental weight between 20+2 glove and 25 pound dumbbells?

    I have PlateMates which are magnetic plates that attach to your dumbbells and come in 1.25# or 2.5# pairs. You can start by adding just one plate on the end of your dumbbell then add the second plate on the other end when you are ready. They also attach nicely to the weight plates on my...
  4. NinjaMom

    Lift It Split It Live Series??

    Just wondering if Cathe is still planning to make the rest of the live workouts in this series? It was noted in the description of Cathe Live #346 (back & biceps) that this was the first in a series of three routines. IIRC, her eye injury occurred shortly after this workout so maybe that put...
  5. NinjaMom

    Help with syncing new workout downloads to iPad

    I was finally able to get the Boss Band downloads on my iPad. I deleted them from my iTunes library, added them again just like the first time but for some unknown reason the sync worked this time. I also did some research and found you can change the media type of the files so I changed all...
  6. NinjaMom

    Help with syncing new workout downloads to iPad

    I am using a PC and IOS 14.7.1. One thing I noticed in my iTunes Movie library is that my other Cathe Downloads show up in the Home Movies tab while the new Boss Band downloads are in the Movie tab. I tried adding the new download files to home movies library but they keep going into the movie...
  7. NinjaMom

    Help with syncing new workout downloads to iPad

    I've emailed support but thought I'd ask here as well in case others have experience this problem and have a solution. I downloaded the new Boss Band workouts to my computer then added the videos to my iTunes movies library. When I tried to sync the videos to my iPad Air3, I received a message...
  8. NinjaMom

    Perfect 30 workouts not posting to workout manager calendar

    Sometimes you have to clear your cache to get the icons to show up in your calendar.
  9. NinjaMom

    April 2020 Rotation - Not in Workout Manager

    I was having trouble too but I cleared my cache and now it is working. Give that a try :)
  10. NinjaMom

    Rear Delts

    Following: I have often wondered what the difference is between rear delts flys & back flys. They feel like the same exercise to me (unless I'm doing something wrong).
  11. NinjaMom

    Workout Manager Not Saving Details

    It appears to be fixed as the details of my manually entered weight workouts are now being saved. Thank you!!
  12. NinjaMom

    Workout Manager Not Saving Details

    Yes! That is exactly how I'm doing it. I tried again this morning and it still isn't showing the details I entered. (Strangely, this doesn't happen with my manually entered cardio workouts). Thanks for looking into this!
  13. NinjaMom

    Workout Manager Not Saving Details

    Since the beginning of September, any "non-DVD" strength training workout data (ie. LIVE) that I've entered manually is not being saved. The weight thumbnail shows up but when I click on the details, the information I had entered is not there. I have cleared my cache & logged back in to make...
  14. NinjaMom

    LITE icons in the workout manager?

    Thank you! They are showing up now ;)
  15. NinjaMom

    LITE icons in the workout manager?

    I entered my first LITE workout (Pyramid Pump) but the icon is not showing up in the workout manager calendar. I cleared my cache & browsing history then logged back in and it's still not there. Is this something you are still working on or is it a problem on my end?
  16. NinjaMom

    The 2019 Cathlete Chicago Road Trip Announcement

    Are we able to sign up a second person at the same time? I want to surprise my daughter with this trip but am concerned that if I have to go through the sign up process twice, one of us might not get in. Thanks!
  17. NinjaMom

    Black Friday Fit Tower

    The 50% is off the regular price. See below: Order Your Fit Tower Today At the Lowest Price Ever! ... First 200 Orders Only! FIT TOWER WORKOUT SYSTEM – 50% OFF (reg price $249.95) + FREE Weight Bar Clips ($19.95 Value) & FREE Guaranteed Holiday Delivery! Enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at...
  18. NinjaMom

    Need advice for weight lifting with arthritic hands

    Following too! I have arthritis in both thumb joints and doing certain exercises, especially those on my hands (planks, push-ups, etc) is painful. It is very frustrating :mad:
  19. NinjaMom

    <—-goodbye to another Cathlete

    <--- heard about this sad news on Cat's FB post <--- fondly remember the "old days" with the OAL posts <--- sending heartfelt condolences & prayers to Nancy's family & friends <--- Godspeed Miss NancyFancyPants <--- cancer sucks!
  20. NinjaMom

    New step platform

    FYI: The link for the step on Amazon is not the same as the step shown in the other link. The amazon one is 28.5 x 14.5 x 4 whereas the one from The Step link is 43 x 16 x 4 which I believe is the one used in Cathe workouts.