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    How "old" is "old"?

    Ok, so I'm not elderly (turning 54 in a few months) but I often help others in my life with snow shoveling, lifting, climbing ladders etc. I know some who are only 10 years older than me and they seem "elderly" but others, like my parents who only recently seem to be showing their age and they...
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    About Cathe's Core Fusion Workout

    I totally agree Lannette and I expect nothing less s from Cathe
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    Cathe is doing one of the core movements you can expect to see in the Functional Pilates Fusion workout

    Cathe always makes things look easy, like she can do them in her sleep!
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    Oh my shrugs! STS2.0 Body Parts Back

    I have since realized that my barbell weights are a smaller diameter than the Cathe ones as well so my barbell sits lower.
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    New workout series storage

    At this point I will take the DVDs any way they come. These days so many things are are going to downloads but I can't do that. I'm totally old school when it comes to technology.
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    Oh my shrugs! STS2.0 Body Parts Back

    Speaking of those Pendlay rows I have to do 3 risers on each side 'cuz my legs are long and when I first set up like Cathe directed, I couldn't reach my bar. :) It made me think of when I first tried the Boss bands and couldn't stand because the bands had no more stretch for my height. It was...
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    Disc quality

    All of mine work beautifully!
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    Today I did the "macarena" ...ha ha ...

    Thanks for the clip! Too funny!
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    Today I did the "macarena" ...ha ha ...

    Funny, I wouldn't know how to do the macarena! Heard of it, never saw it.
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    More PHA or metabolic or bootcamps/circuits or loops/bands/gliders or lighter weights

    Just remember you never have to lift the weight Cathe does! Years ago when I started her workouts I would only lift very light even when she used heavy weights. I did progress and consider myself advanced now but still always substitute when I need to, whether it is higher or lower weights...
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    Final thoughts on new workouts

    I completely agree that they are great but I expect nothing less. I've done all 4 workouts so far as time savers except GUS, which I completed the whole main workout. I'm transitioning my body from 3rd shift hours back to 1st shift so I had to take it easy but I already know I'll be upping my...
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Cycle Power Indoor Cycling Workout

    Thanks for reminding us all of this article. I remember reading it once when she first published it but read it again. I think it is also a reminder that you maybe very fit but that fitness applies to what you have been doing to be fit. There is always learning, adapting and adjustment to new...
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Reindeer Games Workout

    I'm just amazed at how many antlers stayed upright!
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    The 2023 DVDs Are Now In Stock!

    I had no plans for the holidays until I saw this post. I'll be so happy trying out my new Cathe workouts! Thanks to Cathe and her crew.
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    Our 472nd Cathe Live Broadcast

    I love all the comments and opinions. I always dress for comfort and function, never looks. I wear padded bike shorts for spinning and cycling. Always have. Tights are for outdoor cold weather activities (I live in Maine) but I rarely can find any that fit. I have years old men's ones because...
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    DVD Shipping Alert

    Yet another excellent Christmas gift from Cathe!
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    Our 472nd Cathe Live Broadcast

    Am I the only woman in America who is not enamored with tights? I workout in shorts and wouldn't never wear tights to work, grocery shop, etc. like so many women do
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    Sneak Peek: Our First Video Clip From The New Workouts!!!

    I love seeing all the excitement around Cathe's workouts! Nobody in my life would understand how happy new Cathe workouts make me but you all would!
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    Replacement DVD For Active Recovery + Total Body Stretch Update

    I, too, have just lived with it. It isn't a deal breaker. But thanks for thinking of us.
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    The Dumbest “Ask Cathe” Ever?

    I've always assumed the articles were done by staff members. We know Cathe is a total star and we love her but we also know she has a crew behind her. I've always thought she is probably an excellent driving force but I'm sure that there are many other people behind the scenes who are...