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    LOL! NICE!!!!
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    What song is going through your head right now?

    Weird coincidence...
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    What song is going through your head right now?

    I've got the theme from Banana Splits stuck in my head. Not sure why. It's quite similar to Three Little Birds from Bob Marley, so maybe I'll say that's it. Not as weird.
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    I thought about getting one...but then read reviews online and decided against it. I buy too much stupid crap as it is already.
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    Lip Balm Recommendations?

    Softlips is good, and someone from work got me Ultra Mentha Lip Shine for Christmas. I think the trick that works best for me is to put it on right before bed, then my lips are pretty soft when I wake up.
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    I have to give a shout out to Home Depot staff!

    My HD isn't great. It's always a challenge to find someone to help me. But, that's the way it is with most superstores.
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    Today I hate that morning jogger

    HA! I knew I'd get you guys going! :) Cricket didn't chase her, she came back as soon as I called. Her new training is going great and she listens very well now. That said...I'm rural, not in a development, and the house is not close to the road. If it were, I wouldn't let her off...
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    Today I hate that morning jogger

    1) The dog doesn't bite 2) We weren't by the road, we were far back on my property 3) Not in public....I was on my private property. 4) Didn't want her to "interrupt" her exercise, just jog in place or something. 5) Whatever
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    Today I hate that morning jogger

    When my old man was still a young dog, I had taken him for a walk in the woods nearby. He got ahead of me and ended up following the local school's cross country team who were training in the woods. He ran for miles with them, but they tied him up and called me to let me know where he was...
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    Today I hate that morning jogger

    If you were out jogging early in the morning and someone was outside letting their dogs out to do their business, and one of the dogs started running with you down the road, while cars were coming....wouldn't you stop and jog back to the house where said dog lives, or at least jog in place until...
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    Mother of Octuplets/Update

    Have you all seen this? She's not trying to do it on her own...she's begging for handouts and welfare and California is gonna be stuck with the bill for her obsession. Unless you make the kind of money that Brad and Angelina make, this is just irresponsible...
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    So what's going on with Joaquin Phoenix?

    LOL - I saw this on Morning Joe. So funny! Letterman was great.
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    How much are you looking forward to spring?

    I've been counting the days until spring since November. I HATE winter. I hate the cold, the static, the dry skin, snow, shovelling, not being able to go for hikes in the woods with the dogs because the hills get icy and dangerous, the short days, wearing socks all the time, stepping in wet...
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    Teeth and the aching....

    Take care of your teeth. If you do nothing, it will get worse. If you shelled out the money for dental insurance, it probably would only cover a portion of the cost anyway. For major things like that, most insurances don't cover the whole thing.
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    Puppy Party!

    No parties for my puppy! I'm SO mad at him!!! He pooped on my rug 3 times overnight, ate my Bose earbuds for my iPod yesterday and my phone charger. He also destroyed my BF's cigarettes...I'm not mad at him for that - I'm trying to get him to quit anyway. I'm using my daughter's crappy...
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    Just when you thought you couldn't have a higher opinion of Chesley Sullenberger

    It was also impressive when he told Katie that he never doubted he could do it. That's what it's all about. Knowing you can do something. As soon as you start thinking you can't, you're right.
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    he's just not that into you

    Me neither....I'm looking forward to Star Trek and Witch Mountain - Dwayne Johnson....yummy
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    So, what kind of car do you drive and why?

    Beavs....I think you're secretly my friend Dee. What kind of wine was I drinking on Friday?
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    Any exciting Valentine's Day plans?

    My DD couldn't wait and gave me my card yesterday. So cute. It's sitting on my piano now.
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    Just when you thought you couldn't have a higher opinion of Chesley Sullenberger

    Just listened to the 60 Minutes Interview. He said he had been reflecting over the last few weeks about what happened, and if he had done everything he could have. I'm not sure what he was doubting, but apparently this was quite a shocking experience for him. These are the people that...