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  1. DirtDiva

    Printing STS Card from Calendar

    Right. It does work but doesn't show my edits.
  2. DirtDiva

    Printing STS Card from Calendar

    I've always edited my workouts on the Calendar, Save it first then hit "Save and Print". The result is a blank white card and no way around it. Any advice. I can print out a selected workout from STS, but not my actual edited workout. Thanks for any help.
  3. DirtDiva

    ? about calories and fitness trackers

    So funny, this morning I couldn't get a heart rate on my Polar V800 watch and I changed straps and still nothing. Changed to my other two transmitters (I have 3) and they both worked. I replaced the battery and everything it working fine again. I was pretty impressed with OHS on the Polar...
  4. DirtDiva

    ? about calories and fitness trackers

    In regards to comments about the chest strap and heart rate, it depends on the strap condition, the battery in the transmitter and then finally your watch. Lots of variables. The calories burned that are suggested on programs, cardio machines , etc. are averages which can either be encouraging...
  5. DirtDiva

    Best Smoothie Maker

    I've had a few personal blenders, including the NutriBullet and two others I probably got from Target which ended up breaking. The Bullet left a lot of pieces at the bottom, especially frozen strawberries. I ended up getting a BlendTec and the small jar addition to make single smoothies...
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    Im Back!!!

    I'm blown away by your determination and strength to continue. I have you circling my soul tonight.
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    Tennis Elbow anyone??

    I have this and it works!
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    I skipped the latest set also, no step for me. My go to is constant STS training with my own tweaks such as a double wave, or every other day training with micro adjustments within that week. I'm just about to finish up once again and have gotten my best gains in strength yet.
  9. DirtDiva

    Exclusively Weights

    Push this to the top of the list for a new workout series. STS #2 would be awesome, and I really think you could get the workouts down to 45 minutes and still be as effective, especially if you have add on bonuses that can increase the length of the workout intensity. Maybe instead of 3...
  10. DirtDiva

    KETO-Worth the hype?

    Thanks for the link...digging into that now. Insomnia, that is an awful thing. My dad could only sleep 5 hours max. Deep REM sleep and its six stages is vital for brain detox. Here's a link from Dr. Breus, saw him in tandem with Bredesen. The amino acid Glycine (Vital Nutients has a good...
  11. DirtDiva

    KETO-Worth the hype?

    Fantastic post! I have read his book and follow Dr. Dale Bredesen, I also have both copies of the Truth about Alzheimers, he was featured in both presentations. I'm sure you are aware of Dr. David Perlmutter, and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum among others that are forefront on this disease...
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    I love my rebounder too and Cathe dvd's translate awesomely (is that a word?). Would be so cool to see, wouldn't it?
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    I've done STS so many times I do the warm ups with my eyes closed (mainly because the filming is off in a quirky way) but its memorized and I can tell when I'm having an off day because when I open my eyes I may be facing another wall:rolleyes:. I can mouth silently what Cathe will say in...
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    Fit Tower

    I use the Fit Tower for one arm rows, one arm anything really, and for holding my ActivMotion bars which are 8, 10, 15 and 18 pounds. I use those bars for ab work and various other moves that I do when I want to sub something out, like side lunges with a twist. This...
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    Pyramid Pump Lower A+++

    This is a great workout, only did it once, so I'm expecting my great to go to *fantastic*. Doing upper and lower together with abs...I got a great burn from it, more then I expected. The sequence is good, but I think when I do this several more times, I'll get it to flow better for me...
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    So I did end up buying the PHA and Pyramids dvds because I figure those can easily be modified into advanced workouts. I just increased the suggested weights to what I would use, and modified some of the back lunges off the step (I usually get rid of the step) to the floor and increased...
  17. DirtDiva

    Music From LITE Series

    I pre-ordered just two of the Lite dvd's, PHA and Pyramids. The music on PHA is incredible and was hoping you would compile this list, and I'm so appreciative of your hard work on this. When I saw this thread, I went YESSSSSS!
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    Even though Amanda was the modifier in Ice, it was more of a distraction for me.
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    I ended up cancelling when I saw the clips, and decided I'd get the PHA and the Pyramids only since those can probably be modified with much heavier weights. Really miss Amanda for her form.